Large paintings are very popular, and any room they are hung in can turn into a talking point instantly. We have lots of large paintings for sale at Art2Arts and many painters love to use these large canvases to work on, with the extra space allowing them the freedom to express an emotion or feeling to its true potential.

If you have a sparse looking gap on a wall at home, or if you are looking to brighten up your workplace then a large painting can do the job effectively. Hotels and restaurants can also rapidly create an atmosphere and a taste of luxury by adding an oversized piece of work to their interiors. Before you make your first purchase of a bigger piece however there are a few things to consider – here is what you need to know about large paintings.

Organised Chaos II

Before the purchase – which one should I choose?

With very large paintings coming in sizes of 48 inches or more, they will definitely having a lasting impact on the room where you plan to display your piece, so it is important to choose wisely! If you are planning on buying one for your home, choose one that will not disrupt the interior design of your house.  This doesn’t mean that the painting you choose has to stick to the strict colour scheme of your home, and picking an abstract, multi-coloured painting to be placed in a plain white or black room is a clever way to use complimentary contrast. Large, abstract paintings are a great way to add an injection of colour, as seen in ‘Organised Chaos II’ by Gillian Luff above. Choosing a figurative piece, such as ‘Ice blue too’ can also be impressive when painted on a large canvas, allowing you to see highly intricate details very closely.

Ice Blue Too

After the purchase – where to hang your piece.

As well as being physically large, big paintings often carry a lot of weight with them, which means there are a few things to consider after you have purchased your piece and you are looking to hang it on your wall.

Larger paintings need a longer screw to hang securely, which effects the type of wall it can be hung on. For this reason, if the painting is more medium sized it is better placed on a wall where the stud frame is, so the hardware can be fixed into the stable wooden structure. Exterior walls that are made from brick, stone or concrete are also suitable for hanging larger paintings, as the thick material can support these longer screws. Interior and dry walls are generally not suitable for hanging a painting of this kind, and the heavier pieces will fall off the wall

Always have someone to help you when hanging a large painting as it can be tricky to manoeuvre these pieces safely.

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