Although traditionally England is a nation of tea drinkers more and more of us, including the team at Art2Arts, are taking inspiration from our continental cousins and starting a new love affair with a different source of caffeine! Whether you like yours strong, milky, or with an extra dash of a flavoured syrup, coffee is fast becoming a go-to drink for morning, noon or even as an after dinner treat to aid digestion.

Like any element of popular culture, this love affair with a fine cup of coffee has made its way across to the world of art, and now many of our paintings for sale online at Art2Arts feature this new culinary delight.

If you, like many others out there, can’t resist the distinctive smell of a freshly roasted cup of coffee, then why not consider choosing a painting to reflect this passion next time you are looking to add to your collection of art?

Caffeine Withdrawal – Victoria Stanway  


Something about this image just reminds us of a wonderful, lazy Sunday morning, and we wish we were sitting there in that café now with a lovely latte and a slice of cake!  Unfortunately we can’t enjoy this tranquil moment all of the time, but hanging this acrylic canvas in your home can remind you that a weekend of coffee shop visits is just around the corner! Subject aside, this quirky piece of original art is full of character and charm, beautifully painted using bold colours, but with an added element of sophistication using a clever technique of shading, both light and dark.

Coffee Lifted Dr Gadget Mood – Suzette Datema



This quaint painting takes a classic image by Van Gogh, gifting him with items that artist Suzzete Datema feels will lift the mood of this sad soul! If we were given a fresh, steaming cup of coffee and a beautiful houseplant we’re pretty sure that would put a smile across our face, but poor Dr Gadget still doesn’t look overly pleased! This humorous oil painting is beautifully crafted, retaining the vibrancy that is evident throughout all of Datema’s work.

In Good Company – Kelly Marie Davidson


Although the cup of coffee cannot be seen in this piece, the peaceful moment of waking up and preparing for the day ahead with a fine brew is instantly recognisable in ‘In Good Company’. Although the bold lines and stylised shapes make this image seen like it is computerised, this wonderful, monochrome piece of original art was in fact created using acrylic paint!

Whatever your hobby, there is sure to be a piece of original art to pay homage to your passions available within the extensive range of paintings we have for sale at Art2Arts, created by fabulous contemporary artists from across the UK. Whether you love sailing, playing piano ,or caring for the animal kingdom , find your perfect piece of art at Art2Arts.