It is common knowledge that property prices in London are soaring, but the widespread impact that this is having on groups of people beyond the homeowner might come as a surprise. A report, funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and Mayor of London and compiled by Creative United, highlighted the challenges faced by artists living and working in London, revealing that many were forced to relocate to neighbouring cities to source more affordable studio spaces, leading to an “artistic brain drain” in the area. Although not a direct solution to the problem, online art gallery Art2Arts provides comfort to those that have no choice but to move away from the creative capital, offering a platform for professional artists to market their work to a global audience, no matter where they are located, helping them to continue their practice.

The report, titled ‘Making Space: Developing and Sustaining Affordable Artists’ Studios and Creative Workspaces’, analysed the conditions of artists working in the capital city, finding that the ever increasing prices and politics surrounding the property market were having a direct impact on the availability and affordability of studio spaces to work in. This comes as a concern to the industry, with London being perfectly placed as a ‘hub’ for this sector, providing artists with the contacts and opportunities they need in order to succeed in selling their work.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented “We often envision a stereotype of an artist that is struggling to fund his or her passion and livelihood while creating their work – unfortunately this report shows how much of a reality this vision is becoming. Many artists, or anyone in the creative industries, often head to London to launch their career, but unfortunately this is becoming difficult as the city’s studio spaces and artistic communities are becoming under threat and are unstable.”

The report also referenced a further study, compiled in 2014 by the Greater London Authority that found over 30% of the current studios in London would disappear within five years.

Gibbs continued, “Living and working in surrounding cities such as Bristol and Birmingham is the only option for some, though many worry that this will come at the sacrifice of having a successful career. However with online art galleries such as Art2Arts, this isn’t the case and great work can still be seen by a highly relevant audience.”

With a decade in businesses, Art2Arts provides a platform for high quality, original artwork that is trusted by the nations collectors. It hosts a range of artists that work in a variety of mediums, located all across the country. Joining the community of artists is free and only a small commission is taken upon sale of each painting, giving artists creative and financial control over their work.