No longer are consumers drawn to identical goods, as the shopping habits of the world reveal the appeal of owning items with a backstory and a human touch. The growing success of peer-to-peer retail outlets including Etsy and Depop demonstrates the popularity of this emotion led spending and the desire for a one off item. Online gallery Art2Arts provides a platform for shoppers that search for unique purchases, acting as a web-based marketplace for artists to sell their work directly to their customers, allowing a relationship to form between vendor and client.

Many consumer goods are now being hand made and sold by independent creatives, enabled by the rise of the Internet, which makes their work accessible to a wider, targeted audience. Art2Arts succeeds for similar reasons, with thorough categorisation and a simple search tool giving even those with the most specific taste in art the ability to locate the perfect piece amongst the vast gallery of original work that is hosted by Art2Arts.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts commented, “Market trends are definitely swaying in favour of the honest and independent retailers as people crave a more authentic shopping experience. Everything from the clothes we buy to the food we eat seems to be much more appealing if we can form a relationship with where it came from, and whoever made it.”

Gibbs continued, “Although, it would seem that all purchases of art would fall into this category, the many mass produced pieces that have come to market have removed any connection between artist and consumer whatsoever. With Art2Arts, customers can learn more about the artists that made the work they are looking to buy, allowing them to connect with their inspirations before buying the piece and instantly adding value. Using this platform, artists can also receive commissions, giving a truly unique and personal purchasing experience to the customer.”

All artists that join Art2Arts are selected for the excellent quality of their work, producing innovative, skilfully made and thought provoking pieces using a range of mediums. Only original artwork is sold on the online art gallery, each item sent with a certificate of authenticity.