When online art gallery Art2Arts was launched over a decade ago, its mission was to sell only the best original art, in a way that valued premium customer service above all. Quickly building up a loyal customer base of regularly returning customers, the e-commerce start up re-iterates the value of operating with a client-focussed mind-set after noticing the business benefits it can bring.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts explained, “Customer service has always been at the heart of my brand, and it is something I feel very strongly about – a business that doesn’t care about its clients will not do well in the long run. To help build strong relationships with my clients, we offer simple but effective features such as free delivery and take care in approaching each purchase with a personal touch, catering to every collector’s needs. As long as you offer the best pieces and provide a great service, people will come back when looking to buy artwork.”

This news comes as Art2Arts launches its Loyalty Reward Points Scheme, after recognising the buying habits of its faithful customers. The scheme gives members the opportunity to earn a number of ‘points’ with every purchase they make, accumulating discount over time. Regular users of the internet art buying platform and the newly launched scheme can quickly earn reductions on their next finds using these virtual tokens, helping them to build a diverse art collection much faster.

Michelle continued, “In 2017, over a decade from when we first launched, I’m lucky to provide original art to numerous repeat customers (some of whom I’ve been serving since the early years) so started the Loyalty Reward Points Scheme to say thank you! Not only does their loyalty help our business succeed, but it continues to support the career of the artists whose work we host online, which is another core value for Art2Arts. By offering this discount we’re helping our customers, our artist and our business – a wholly positive experience!”

Art2Arts welcomes a series of established and emerging artists to its online art community, including names such as CK Wood, Elena Kourenkova, Caroline Ashwood and more. The Loyalty Reward Points Scheme is applicable to every piece of artwork available on the leading art gallery platform.

All members partaking in the scheme are automatically allocated 80 points to enjoy on future purchases upon signing up. Further points can be gained on every piece of art that is bought, as well as via friend and family referrals.

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