At Art2Arts we love, appreciate and support all kinds of artworks – however some styles do come into favour with our buyers more than others at certain times!

This month, we’re noticing a rise in popularity with our abstract and contemporary paintings. Often combining bold uses of colour, unusual shapes and creative form, these paintings are a great way to add impact to any room.

Rather than their realistic counterparts, of landscape paintings or figurative portraits, our abstract paintings for sale can be interoperated entirely by the viewer, giving them a highly personal meaning which makes them a popular choice when looking for original artwork.

From large to small, oil to watercolour, we have rounded up some of our range of abstract paintings for sale for those who favour this style when searching for original art online.

Joyful Landscape: Stephen Conroy



Although in a different context this could be a traditional landscape, Conroy uses paper cut outs to add immediate blocks of bold colour, dispersing any sense of realism away to a surreal dreamscape

Metalloids: Amanda J Aspinall

Numeric forms are used here for decorative purpose, giving off meaning that is certainly open to interpretation. Created with acrylics Aspinall adds texture to the numbers for added effect.



Carried to Sea: Stewart Wilson



This abstract oil painting from Wilson is a classic example of placing greater emphasis on stylisation and the overall visual appearance rather than accurately depicting objects. The title suggests boats in the far right corner however the piece remains attractive regardless of what scene it is actually suggesting.


Damselfly Dance I: Victoria Stothard



The use of colour and texture created in this large mixed media painting is highly mesmerising and it reminds us of gazing into an oil-slick ocean. When such suggestion of movement is applied to a large form like this, abstract paintings can truly leave a lasting impression.

Room to Repeat (XL): Lisa Vallo



This also large, textured piece from Vallo makes use of the Geometric style, often favoured by abstract artists. The use of tactile materials create imperfect lines which in turn add a sense of mystery to the uniform, straight lines.

Geometric Composition 2: Stephen Conroy



Not just making use of contemporary collage, this acrylic paint and gesso piece by Conroy also nods towards a more well-known style of minimalism and geometric abstract art.

Black Feature Triptic: Lukasz Dziedzic



This trio of large canvasses by Dziedsic utilises oil painting to create his abstract set of minimalist pieces, using the tonal value of the colour black to create

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