Autumn Copse by Stella Dunkley

My love of the natural world inspires many of my original paintings, for Autumn Copse I wanted to capture the beautiful  colours of autumn and the tactile textures of the forest landscape,  I often feature trees in my art for their symbolic, spiritual, and emotive qualities,  autumn is a magical time of the year that I enjoy capturing on canvas

The painting was created using acrylic paints and mixed media, with sculptural raised textures to represent roots of trees, fallen leaves, undergrowth, branches and twigs,  I used a variety of texture mediums, natural substances, and thick paint which was applied with palette knives and dripped and splattered onto the canvas.

This was followed by layers and glazes of rich autumn colours, gorgeous shades of orange, burnt red and green were used for the group of autumn trees, and lastly shimmering metallic paints were dry brushed over the raised surface to highlight the texture and give the impression of depth to the semi-abstract landscape.

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