Colourful Skies by Tracy-Ann Marrison
Colourful Skies by Tracy-Ann Marrison


Tracy-Ann Marrison’s main subjects are flowers and landscapes. She uses many layers and glazes to create her unique pieces, full of colour and depth.

For this week, we chose Colourful Skies to be our ‘Artwork of the Week’, for its mysterious and delicate appearance.

The painting is created in acrylic on canvas and it certainly lives up to its title. The tones of blue, green, purple, grey, pink and turquoise are visible in the sky and on the ground, as if they were mirroring each other.

As it is an abstract painting, we could say that the bottom part of the painting is a lake reflecting the sky, but it could equally be a field of colourful flowers. It is up to our imagination to interpret the image that the artist laid out in front of our eyes.

The two plans are separated by a stretch of land that gives the artwork perspective and depth.

“My current work consists primarily of paintings created intuitively. I prefer to create paintings this way thus allowing the work to develop gradually and morph naturally into what it wants to become”, says Tracy-Ann Marrison and this technique can be observed in Colourful Skies.

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