The Hidden Café on the Beach by Jessica Parker

The Hidden Cafe on the Beach by Jessica Parker is a beautiful piece of mixed media artwork that captures the essence of a coastal landscape. The painting is worked on a gesso board using acrylic paint, ink, and collaged papers. The layers of media are built up to create a sense of depth and texture, with some areas being added while others are removed.

The scene depicted in the painting is inspired by the beach at Milford on Sea. The abstract style of the artwork allows the viewer to interpret the scene in their own way, with the rugged landscape and distant mountains providing a sense of mystery and intrigue. The turquoise blue and neutral colours used in the painting create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach.

The cafe is positioned at the centre of the painting, almost blending in with the surrounding landscape. However, it is still a prominent part of the artwork and draws the viewer’s attention to its hidden location. The use of neutral colours and the texture created by the collaged papers also helps the cafe to blend in with the surrounding environment, making it feel like a natural part of the scene. Overall, the positioning of the cafe in the centre of the painting adds a sense of balance and harmony to the artwork.

The Hidden Cafe on the beach’ is a stunning piece of artwork that showcases the talent and creativity of Jessica Parker. The use of acrylic paint, ink, and collaged papers adds depth and texture to the painting, while the abstract style allows the viewer to interpret the scene in their own unique way. The peaceful atmosphere and sense of mystery make this painting a must-see for anyone who loves coastal landscapes and abstract art.



What inspired you to create ‘The Hidden Cafe on the beach’?

The inspiration to the painting is very much based on trips to the coast . Memories taken from childhood.  I love the texture of rocks and looking into the distance from near to far .

Can you describe your creative process for this artwork? How did you decide on the composition and use of different media?

My creative process involves using mixed media, primarily using collage with ink and acrylic. These are built up in layers adding and removing different areas. This process adds to depth and surface interest of the painting. I work on the basis of a combination on the balance of information and intuition.

The cafe in the painting seems to be a significant element. What was the idea behind featuring a hidden cafe in the landscape, and why did you choose to depict it in that way?

This painting works on a strong diagonal from top left to bottom right ( many of my paintings do ) . This approach gives an interesting dynamic in terms of the overall composition. 

The cafe is blended into the rocks and on second look becomes part of the landscape. This process of semi camouflage adds to the abstract feel of the composition. 

What message or feeling do you hope to convey to the viewers through this painting?

I always aim to encourage the viewer to make their own response ( in my experience this is incredibly individual and varied ) . I think this comes from working in a “abstract realism “ style . For me it is about open space, distance, surface interest and texture.

What techniques or styles did you explore in this artwork that you might not have used before?

The new technique used in this painting includes drawing with glue in an abstract style and then using this to act as masking linear marks to be partly revealed later in the process.  .It’s quite hard to vocalise these processes but I hope this makes sense !


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