The winter months can often feel long and miserable, but now we can look forward to sunnier and happier times ahead!

With spring rearing its beautiful head again; blossoms are blooming, plus lighter weather and warmer temperatures are on the horizon. This change in seasons creates the perfect time to celebrate and re-energise your space with a beautiful new artistic addition.

Spring has long been the muse of many artists throughout the centuries. As leaves begin to unfurl and flowers start to fill our outdoor spaces, there isn’t much that you couldn’t be excited about.

At Art2Arts, many of our artists have also been inspired by the spring and the joyfulness that it brings which we hope you want to celebrate in your own homes too.

In this article, we’re going to be talking all about our love for spring, and how you can incorporate some of the springtime spirits into your own home with our selection of exquisite art pieces.

Keep on reading to find out why spring is such a big source of inspiration for artists through the ages and how you can celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of Spring through the art in your home.


Bluebell Wood

Bluebell Wood



Why is spring so popular in art?


Even though frosty mornings, walks in the snow, and festive cheer makes the wintertime pretty special, we can’t help but look forward to saying goodbye to the cold temperature and dark nights.

By the time spring comes, it feels like the whole world is full of promise and new life again, which can bring new motivation and inspiration to creative artists.

Not surprisingly, because of this, spring has always been of natural interest to many artists. Now we have many beautiful pieces of art that remind us of the gorgeous greenery, fragrant flowers and springtime animals at all times of the year.

Two artists who have depicted spring in all its wonder include Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. Both artists have created beautiful artworks that skillfully convey the joys of spring to get us through even the darkest winters.

Here are two of our favourite spring-inspired pieces:


Vincent Van Gogh, The Pink Peach Tree 1888


Van Gogh’s series of works of trees in bloom may not be among his most famous but are perfect examples of spring-inspired work at its best.

The blossom is the symbol of spiritual rebirth and is something you can really feel in this striking piece. The blossom tree in the centre commands all the viewer’s attention with the clear springtime sky working as a beautiful backdrop to the piece.




Claude Monet, An Orchard in Spring, 1886


Looking at this painting, you’re instantly transported to the gardens of Giverny in Normandy. Showing a figure seated in the grass, you can feel the movement of the leaves and the calm breeze rippling through the trees.

The start of the painting is the apple blossoms that cover most of the canvas, as well as the striking blues and purples that illuminate this piece.



Art2Arts springtime art


Like the popular artists that came before them, many of our talented Art2Arts artists have similarly been inspired by the spring, creating beautiful works of art that can fill your home with light and good energy this season.

The arrival of spring always brings about new feelings and emotions, so why not have them in your house all year round?

We’ve curated a collection of some of our favourite springtime artworks from a range of our artists on our online gallery. If you want to embrace the earliest signs of the season in your home, these paintings are some of the truest representations that you’ll be able to find.

Browse our full collection of seasonal art inspired by the spring.


Cherry Time

Cherry Time


Blossom over Breaky Bottom by Paula Oakley


Paula Oakley’s work shows the blooms starting to blossom in the Spring sunshine in East Sussex. Using vibrant greens that contrast against the whites and blues of the blossoms, you can clearly marvel at how the patchwork fields bend and dip around the vineyard at Breaky Bottom.

If you want a piece to add colour and breathe new life into your space, this is a great piece of artwork to add to your home. Enjoy the colours and shapes or inspect closer to catch the intricate details of the houses, fences and trees that are dotted across the landscape.


Blossom over Breaky Bottom

Blossom over Breaky Bottom


Spring Flowerin by Irini Karpikioti


Nothing says spring more than the beautiful pinks and whites of cherry blossom. In Spring Flowerin, Karpikioti offers an up-close of a blossom. In the painting you can easily pick out the individual buds that stand in striking contrast to the charming blues of the sky and greens of the leaves.

Using acrylic paint on canvas is a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to make an impression on any home in your house.


Spring Flowering



Spring Time by Monika Luniak


Breathe in the delightful aromas of a fresh bouquet of flowers with Spring Time by Monika Luniak; a fun and beautiful image of someone embracing a bright bunch of springtime blooms.

Rather than gift someone a bunch of flowers this year for spring, why not treat them to a painting of a bouquet that they can cherish for years to come.


Spring Time


Art advisory service


Looking for the perfect piece of springtime art to finish off your home? Or just want something to freshen up and energise your space?

Whatever you’re looking for, let us help you find it! At Art2Arts, we offer an art advisory service where you simply let us know the size and style of painting you’re after, and our team of experts will handpick a selection of pieces for you to choose from.

If you have a particular springtime scene that you want to be captured forever in your home, you can also commission one of our artists to work on a piece for you.


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