Casino, painting, by Gerard Tunny


Gerard Tunney has a distinctive style and a creative imagination. This weeks ‘Casino’ has been chosen as our ‘artwork of the week’.

Where did you get your inspiration for this piece?

Casinos are places that fascinate me. They provide the opportunity to challenge your luck in an exotic setting in the company of colourful like-minded people.


Close up image

What is your creative process?

When l start a painting, l usually try to depict some aspect of the subject , rather than a literall depiction of an actual scene. In this painting, the croupier/hostess is inviting you into a world that has all the possibilities of good luck but also the chance of meeting interesting people from a variety of different backgrounds.
Close up image

How long did it take you?

My work normally evolves over a period of time which can take 2/3 months
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