Sweet Chaos by Carolynne Coulson
Sweet Chaos by Carolynne Coulson

“My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration, I love forms, colours and textures that hint at meaning and yet allow my eyes to dance across the painting and my mind to run free” – this is how Carolynne Coulson describes her art.

The same characteristics apply to Sweet Chaos, our artwork of the week, an original painting created in acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

What we like about abstract art is the freedom of expression for the artist and the freedom of interpretation for the viewer. But in order to create a coherent artwork, the artist still has to respect some rules, such as colour combination, composition, rhythm and meaning.

Sweet Chaos not only has all elements that make it aesthetically pleasing, but the composition and the title make it both interesting to look at and rather intriguing. While the chaos is suggested by the random shapes floating all over the painting, the adjective ‘sweet’ makes it bearable and even desirable. We can have a sweet chaos everywhere: from the unseen universe to the artist’s studio.

“Like many artists I have always been a maker of things, a passionate scribbler from an early age and a lifelong experimenter with anything and everything that comes to hand, never happy with clean hands or unspoilt clothes”, concludes the artist and her passion for creating can be seen across her collection.