Roses Among the Lilies by Steffan Johnson


Art has a unique way of capturing the essence of life. Steffan Johnson, a contemporary artist with a background in fine art, brings nature to life in his remarkable painting ‘Roses Among the Lilies.’ Born in South Wales, UK, Johnson’s passion for art has been a constant driving force throughout his life.

The Creation:

‘Roses Among the Lilies’ is a captivating oil painting on Belle Arti fine linen canvas, measuring 60 x 40 x 2cm. With a depth that draws you in, this artwork is also ready to hang, providing an easy and elegant way to enhance your living space.

The Artwork:

This isn’t Steffan’s first encounter with this still life. In fact, ‘Roses Among the Lilies’ represents his second attempt at capturing the beauty of English Roses and Astromelia Lilies. Originating from the distant lands of South America these lilies are often referred to as the “Lily of the Incas,”. They are known for their trumpet-like flowers that unveil a subtle fusion of colours.

The artist skilfully blends the faded pinks of the Astromelias with painterly glazes of an earthy blue vase. The contrast between the vibrant roses and the muted lilies, creates a harmonious interplay of colours.

The Essence of Space:

Steffan’s decision to revisit this still life to give the bouquet of flowers more space on the canvas. By providing this visual space, he enhances the overall impact of the artwork. It’s as though the roses and lilies have room to breathe, their beauty amplified by the spaciousness around them.

In this painting Steffan manages to capture the transience of nature and its beauty. The delicate balance of colours and the contrast between the flowers, make for a captivating visual experience. Steffan’s ability to bring life to his canvases, reminds us of the inspiring beauty that surrounds us.

As a viewer we are invited to appreciate the beauty of nature and the charm of this floral still life. It reminds us that sometimes, in the quiet elegance of nature, we can find works of art.

‘Roses Among the Lilies’ is more than just a painting; but a glimpse into the heart of the artist. As he seeks to find the extraordinary in the everyday.




Question to the artist about the artwork


What inspired you to choose this particular combination of English roses and Astromelia Lilies?

I was inspired by the different textures and colours, the rose has a rich pink tone and puffy, whereas the astromelias are a creamier white and smooth in texture.

Could you share some insights into your creative process?

I usually think about setting the composition up first, what works with what and what I really want to paint most. Then I base the painting around that area that most interests me. In my current painting it’s a turquoise shell. The turquoise is really fun to paint.

What emotions or messages do you hope viewers will take away from this artwork?

I hope that my paintings are calming and bring reflection to the viewer and that they feel uplifted by it.

Nature seems to be a recurring theme in your work. What draws you to explore nature?

As an artist, nature for me offers all the inspiration I need to find creative answers to painterly problems. Nature in itself offers that endless inspiration, and that’s what draws me to explore it.




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