Roz Edwards

ARTIST QUOTE: “Patterns, shapes and colours of nature will always inspire me”.

Roz Edwards, is an artist from the South West England. She finds inspiration in the lush landscapes surrounding her studio. Her art bursts with colourful expressions, reflecting her deep connection to nature.

Roz’s primary focus lies in trees, which she paints in an array of styles, from realism to impressionism dots and bursts of colour. Wildflower meadows also captivate her, with their delicate beauty and ecological importance, a subjects close to her heart.

Roz’s transition from an art teacher to a full-time professional artist was a natural progression, fuelled by her passion for creativity. Her studio, in a picturesque landscape, provides the perfect backdrop for her artistic journey.

Drawing inspiration from sources, including the Impressionists and Aboriginal art, Roz’s work resonates emotionally and visually. Her travels and personal photography offer a constant source of fresh ideas.

Roz’s art reaches the public through galleries, art fairs, and exhibitions across the South and South West of England. Her work is a testament to her passion for art and her commitment to the beauty of the natural world.

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Steffan Johnson

ARTIST QUOTE: “What I most like about creating art is the challenge and joy of recreating nature through the medium of paint, in trying to capture the essence of the subject to the viewer. I want to create something visually uplifting to the viewer”.

Steffan Johnson, a South Wales native, is a dedicated artist driven by his lifelong passion for drawing and painting. His journey began in school and led him to embrace traditional techniques to convey the essence of his subjects.

With a Fine Art degree (BA Hons) and training from prestigious workshops like the London Atelier of Representational Art and the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Steffan’s art revolves around nature’s inspiration. He aims to capture the world’s intricate simplicity.

Steffan sees art as an expression of the soul’s inner workings. His work reflects the impressions left on his mind and heart by the world, whether it’s a person absorbed in reading or a still life.

From Caerphilly, South Wales, Steffan discovered his passion for oil paintings and mixed media drawings during his studies at Carmarthen University and Bath Spa University. His recent work draws inspiration from the history of his village, Machen, and the beauty of oil paints in simple still life.

Beyond his art, Steffan holds a PGCE (PCET) and enjoys sharing the joy of art with students. His work has been showcased in various venues, including Bath Abbey, the Washington Gallery in Penarth, The Riverfront in Newport, and Oriel Plas Glyn-y-Weddw in Pwllheli. Steffan’s commitment to his craft shines through his studies at esteemed institutions like LARA and the Angel Academy in Florence, Italy.

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Jools Lawley

ARTIST QUOTE: “I have loved developing my own quirky style of illustration that I get to share with others. It still gives me joy every time someone chooses my artwork to decorate their walls”.

Jools Lawley, a contemporary artist from Worcester, is known for her quirky and distinctive figurative artwork. Her artistic evolution began with serene pastel drawings, but she has developed a unique calligraphic style that sets her apart.

Using black ink or acrylic paints on white backgrounds, Jools creates whimsical figures often referred to as her ‘stickmen.’ These characters draw inspiration from artists like Giacometti, Henry Moore, and Lowry, resulting in charming and distinctive compositions.

Jools artwork covers a wide range of themes, including music, sports, surfers, and lively street scenes. Jools is constantly exploring new characters and scenarios, and her art comes in various sizes, from postcard-sized pieces to larger metre-square canvases.

What makes Jools Lawley stand out is her commissioned work, where she incorporates personal possessions and details to create unique and meaningful pieces. She offers both family and wedding ‘portraits,’ capturing special moments in her signature style.

Jools art continues to gain popularity, thanks to her ability to infuse life and character into her creations. Her dedication to personalised art ensures that her distinctive calligraphic style will be cherished by art enthusiasts for years to come.

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Sally Trueman

ARTIST QUOTE: “With my painting I try to recreate a similar emotional impact that I experience in the hope that the onlooker will feel something of the event that created the painting”.

Sally Trueman, an accomplished artist based in Hove, East Sussex, is known for her art exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work has been featured in art exhibitions and publications, and she’s gained recognition from the Museum of Carcassonne.

Her creative muse is her untamed garden, inspiring her to capture the play of light and shadows on the foliage and flowers. Sally’s unique style transforms these natural elements into abstract bursts of colour and light, moving away from realism.

Sally’s art process involves layering and transparency. She uses transparent glazes to let light shine through her canvases. Her paintings are built up through careful layering, and she’s not afraid to scrape and repaint, symbolising life’s ups and downs.

Her art has a textured quality, with delicate brushwork concealed beneath paint layers, which invites viewers to explore by touch. Her work beautifully balances substance and emptiness, mirroring the fleeting nature of flowers.

Currently, Sally is exploring the line between figurative and abstract art, with a focus on the tactile feel of oil paint on canvas. Sally continues to create captivating and thought-provoking art that resonates with many.

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Peter French

ARTIST QUOTE: “As an artist I have the freedom to express and commit my inspirations to paint”.

Peter French, an artist with a rich 40-year career, specialises in creating atmospheric landscapes, often featuring UK cities and their iconic landmarks. Corfe Castle, Bristol Docks, and the serene River Yare at Great Yarmouth being just a few. He began his artistic journey working with Pen and Ink and Watercolour, gradually mastering these mediums.

For a substantial part of his career, Peter sold his artworks at Bayswater Road. Selling artworks to tourists and finding its way into collections around the world.

In the last decade, he has shifted his focus to oil painting and experimented with cold wax. His style varies from realistic to semi-abstract, allowing him to infuse an atmospheric quality into his paintings.

Peter has showcased his work at prestigious exhibitions including the Mall Galleries, Cork Street, and the Menier Gallery. Also hosting some some of his own. His ability to convey the visual and emotional essence of his subjects sets him apart as an artist. Peter’s dedication and talent shine through in his captivating landscapes.

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John Ewbank

ARTIST QUOTE: “For me, each piece of art is a dialogue between the image and the viewer, a conversation never quite finished but always worth having”

John Ewbank is a digital artist whose canvas is the symphony of pixels and code, a realm where technology harmonises with human emotion. His artistic journey commenced as an exploration of new expressive avenues but evolved into a deeply personal narrative reflecting his life and experiences.

John’s draw inspiration from the patterns of nature, the intricacies of emotions, and the play of light and shadow. Each artwork is an intimate exploration of a distinct theme or emotion, born from a meticulous and iterative process.

Within the expansive digital canvas, John discovered his voice and sanctuary, a space to push boundaries, challenge and grow. With every piece he conceives, he extends an invitation to viewers to join him on this profound artistic voyage. Through his creations, he offers a glimpse of his perspective, inviting others to discover a part of themselves along the way.

For John, art transcends mere visual aesthetics. It is a medium to connect with people, initiate dialogues, and provoke new outlooks. Whether adorning a gallery wall or illuminating a screen, his work aspires to resonate with individuals, encouraging them to explore the potential of human creativity in the digital era. John’s art is not only a feast for the eyes but a gateway to a world where technology and emotion entwine. 

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