Moroccan Souk Market by Irina Rumyantseva

Irina Rumyantseva’s “Moroccan Souk Market” painting invites viewers to the heart of Marrakech. This original painting, measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, of Moroccan lively souk markets.

The artist employs a blend of acrylic, gold leaf, and paper collage, creating a tapestry of colours. This transport us to the heart of the market. Traditional Moroccan hues and Islamic-style patterns bring the vibrant marketplace to life.

In the foreground, the painting captures the chaotic atmosphere of the souk. While overflowing stalls let the view imagine customers haggling, drawing us into the spirited scene. Irina’s use of acrylic paints and lively collage then adds a sense of energy and movement.

The architectural patterns and shapes complement the market. These showcase the architecture of Marrakech. The warm tones of the buildings harmonise with the market’s vibrant hues. The gold leaf in the sky reflects the sun’s brilliance over the market.

Irina’s artwork is more than just a visual feast, but a journey to Morocco’s heart. Through her details and mixed media techniques, she successfully captures the essence of Marrakech.

The artwork, with its 1.5 inch deep wooden frame which is ready to hang. This is a testament to Irina’s talent and therefore a must-see for lovers of Moroccan culture.


Questions to the artist about the artwork


What inspired you to create this painting of the Moroccan Souk Market in Marrakech?

I have always been interested in different cultures and in particular traditional Moroccan scenes with vibrant colours, bustling atmosphere, and rich cultural diversity of Morocco’s souks have always fascinated me. The way the narrow alleyways are filled with textiles, spices, ceramics, and the intricate details of the architecture is captivating. I wanted to capture the essence of this bustling marketplace, where history and tradition come together. This painting is my attempt to transport viewers to the heart of Morocco’s bustling souk, allowing them to experience its unique charm and energy.

Can you tell us about the techniques and materials you used in this artwork?

I used a mixed media of acrylics and magazine cut outs that compliment each other and the traditional Marrakech scene I wanted to achieve.

How did you capture the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the souk market so vividly?

I used a blend of colours and textures to compliment the lively atmosphere. The use of acrylics allowed me to create bold, rich hues to showcase the vibrant textiles, spices, and ceramics.  By incorporating paper into the composition, I added layers and depth, enabling me to showcase the intricate details of the market’s architecture and the complexity of its bustling crowd. Through these techniques and materials I attempted to bring to life the sights, sounds, and sensations of the souk, making the viewer feel as though they’re right in the heart of this vibrant Moroccan marketplace.

How long did it take you to complete this masterpiece, from the initial idea to the finished piece?

The painting was completed in 2 weeks from start to finish because my mind is solely on a piece when I start, it has my undivided attention without distractions. If I lose my process it doesn’t come together how I imagine it to.




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