The End of the Day 2 Artist: Oleg Riabchuk
Clébleu Artist: Zhana Viel
Clébleu by Zhana Viel

Buying art to suit your living space can seem like a daunting task, especially if this is the first time you’ve purchased art for your home.

There are so many opinions on what art should adorn your walls this year but buying art shouldn’t be seen as a passing trend – it is more about finding a piece that resonates with you and that suits your space, décor and budget.

To make the process of buying a piece of contemporary or classical art straightforward and stress-free, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to help you make the right choice on artwork for your living space.

Read on to discover a few things you’ll need to consider before you go ahead and purchase a new piece of art to adorn your walls.

Weaving Magic Artist: Gill Bustamante
Weaving Magic by Gill Bustamante

Personal taste

Knowing which style of art to choose is very much down to your own personal taste. Some people prefer classical watercolour or oil-based landscapes whereas others opt for abstract, surrealism or other contemporary modes of art to decorate their homes and create interesting talking points for friends and visitors.

The best thing to do before ordering any artwork for your home is to spend some time researching the various styles of artwork online and make a shortlist of genres that you feel would be most suitable for your living space.

From this, you will start to recognise some artist’s names begin to reoccur, so you know that even if you cannot afford to buy one of their pieces, you can seek out other up and coming artists who use similar techniques in their work.

This way you should be able to track down a few possible pieces within your price range, or at least have a few names you can mention to art dealers who can help you find the perfect piece for your home.

The End of the Day 2 Artist: Oleg Riabchuk
The End of the Day 2
by Oleg Riabchuk


When you purchase artwork for your living space, you’ll want to make sure that whatever piece you choose will suit its surroundings.

If you have a modern and decluttered home, then a contemporary art piece might be better suited to your style whereas if you are lucky enough to own a period property, something a little more classical would be a good choice.

Whatever style you choose for your home, remember that wall colours and furnishings can change over the years as we redecorate. The art you choose now will be an investment for the future, so you’ll want to make sure that you are happy with it now and in the years to come.


Choosing a piece that dominates the room can make for a captivating focal feature, but select something that’s too big and you’ll end up with a living space that is totally overwhelmed by a large piece of art.

Going big really does make an impact, but if you want to future-proof your new purchase, you need to consider if you’ll ever want to move the piece to another room as you grow your collection or if you’ll be moving to a new house in the near future.

Smaller pieces of artwork obviously need far less space, but you don’t want the piece to look lost in a sea of plain walls so ideally choose the area of your house where you want to showcase your new art and measure the space to ensure that the area you have available will accommodate the piece comfortably.

The Cornish Summer Artist: Paul Kiernan
The Cornish Summer
by Paul Kiernan


When it comes to choosing art, we often have to take budget into consideration. Well known artwork from prestigious artists often carries a much heftier price tag than those who are just breaking into the art world, so it does have an impact on the type of art you choose for your home.

Many classical pieces of art have gone up in value as the artist becomes better known and more established, whereas some newer pieces from new names emerging on to the arts scene are much more affordable.

You can pick up a quality piece of art for as little as a few hundred pounds, so browse the Art2Arts website by price range and you’re sure to find a piece that suits your individual taste, space available, home décor and budget.

Although there are a few elements you need to consider when purchasing art for your home, what matters most is that you buy a piece that gives you the most pleasure and that you will hang in your home with pride for many years to come.

For more expert advice on how to buy art for your home, or to discuss which styles and artists might be best suited to your living space, speak to the friendly and knowledgeable team at Art2Arts today.