Circular Decorative Art by Amanda J Aspinall
Circular Decorative Art by Amanda J Aspinall


Amanda J Aspinall creates abstract expressionist art and sculptures and, as we can see from this artwork, she is fascinated with colour and texture.

Circular Decorative Art is created using different bottle tops on wood and the end result is a retro statement piece.

Re-cycling, up-cycling and re-purposing are three words in interior design today which the art world can’t avoid.

Creativity seems to be one of the main criteria in the home décor niche and the challenge for both artists and designers is to come up with that unique piece that we can’t see anywhere else.

Materials like textiles, newspaper, stamps, lace and others started to appear more and more often in contemporary artworks. What better use of bottle tops than a home décor item or a piece of art that looks like a vinyl disk from a different era.

“I specialise in abstract art and mixed media art because it allows more artistic freedom (…). I incorporate in my paintings surreal imagery, fragmented geometric forms, and a vivid array of colours to enhance the feel” says the artist and this statement captures exactly what this artwork is all about: freedom, abstraction and colour.