I Will Follow You by Kelly Marie Davidson
I Will Follow You by Kelly Marie Davidson


“My aim as an artist is to create pieces that will capture your imagination, stand out and be completely unique. Art is a personal journey to be enjoyed not only by the artist but by all that sees it; art should capture your imagination, heart and mind.

This is how Kelly Marie Davidson finishes her artist statement and when we look at her online gallery, we can definitely say that she has achieved her aim.

I Will Follow You is a monochrome illustrative painting where the lines are reduced to their essence and we can guess the silhouette of a modern young lady walking her two dogs. The image captures a moment in time, but the title suggests something more: who is the lady following and where to? Is walking the dogs just a pretext to meet someone ‘by chance’?

The painting is created in the art nouveau style and the lady’s dress sense is particularly stylish. Even though the face hasn’t got any features, the body posture is elegant and feminine.

With I will Follow You, Kelly Marie Davidson managed to create not only a painting but also a story that we can write ourselves by using our imagination.

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