When did you first become interested in painting?

I have always painted as a hobby and I would always draw and painted something, ever since I was a little girl. It was something that came naturally to me; however I never actually followed a formal art education apart from a few art workshops and short courses as spare time activities.

Musica Universalis by Teodora Totorean
Musica Universalis by Teodora Totorean


Did you always know you would become an artist or did you have other ideas?

As I treated my interest in painting as a hobby for many years, I concentrated on my education and career. I also loved books and poetry and I enjoyed writing so I studied literature instead. It was four years ago when I started to paint at a more professional level and after I gave up my day job, I had a lot of time on my hands for experimenting. Next thing I knew, I was taking part in group exhibitions in Devon and Somerset and I was part of a few local art societies, exhibiting in local galleries and gift shops.

Are you a full time artist and if so, how do you manage your time?

I spend a lot of time painting, thinking about new ideas and experimenting with various mediums and techniques, but I also write articles on arts and home décor, one of my articles has been published in Leisure Painter magazine. I also read art books and magazines in order to perfect my craft and to learn from other artists and experts.


Tears of Joy by Teodora Totorean
Tears of Joy by Teodora Totorean


Where do you get your inspiration?

As I love poetry and classical music, I am inspired by them and I am always incorporating them in my paintings in the form of lyre and other musical instruments. I am also inspired by the Devon landscape where I live.

Do you have a distinctive style and have you always worked in this why?

Ever since I took my hobby to a more professional level, I have been preoccupied with developing my own style. As I like nature with its many facets, music and poetry as well as the mixed media technique, I am incorporating all these elements in my work in an attempt to unify them under a distinctive style that I would like to call my own. However, I also like working in small collections to keep my creativity flowing. For example I would create a small collection of still life mixed media paintings in which I incorporate traditional doilies and other materials; then I would create imaginary landscapes, loosely based on Devon, featuring some mythical animals (deer, sheep) with lyre horns. Then I would create a small collection of textured roses, one of my favourite flowers and so on.


Rose Bouquet by Teodora Totorean
Rose Bouquet by Teodora Totorean


Are you influenced by any famous artists, if so who are they?

I admire many artists, both from the past and from today but I am particularly fascinated by female artists that made their mark into the arts world, one of them being an 18th century painter, Anne Vallayer-Coster.

Could you please describe the practical process you go through when making a painting?

I start with a background creating texture or gluing various materials to the canvas (fabric, doily, fibre washers, vintage paper, old maps). Then I would construct my painting by adding layer upon layer until the materials are fully incorporated and a coherent image is created. I make sure everything is dry between layers especially with mixed media. Then just before the final touches, I would hang the artwork on my walls for a few days to see it from different angles and in different lights and then I would add the finishing accents that will make the painting complete.

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