Aqueous Supermoon by Kevin Braithwaite
Aqueous Supermoon by Kevin Braithwaite

It is possible to see an abstract artwork and be able to recognize the subject, not just through a suggestive title, but by looking at lines, colours and harmony. This is exactly the case with the artwork of the week titled Aqueous Supermoon by Kevin Braithwaite.

The first thing we see when looking at the painting is the super moon, as promised by the title. Once we established the main feature within the image, we can also see the landscape and, perhaps, a lake or a river, suggested both by the first word in the title – aqueous – and the predominant blue colour.

But why abstract if we can guess the subject? The landscape is not very detailed; it is only suggested by the lines, the block colours and the abstraction of forms to create a harmonious image that we can still recognize.

Aqueous Supermoon is a beautiful artwork created predominantly in cold colours (blues) so the moon really stands out, dominating the artwork.

If we read more about the artist and his practice, we find out that “his works explore the use of free movements of colour, light and texture creating fresh, harmonious and abstract images which take their inspiration directly from nature” and this is exactly what Aqueous Supermoon is all about.