Stephen Quick 

Artist Quote: “Art Is About Liking Things”.

Stephen Quick is a brilliant artist, blending acrylic and spray paints to craft street-style pop art showcasing iconic celebrities and characters. He creates mixed-media pieces on canvases and as murals on walls, for the outside world, galleries and Internet.

Born in Honiton and educated in Bristol, he’s the creative force behind “Splintered Studios,” a dynamic art and film studio that has called Honiton, Teignmouth, and Bristol home.

His artistic influence spans across continents, captivating collectors in Europe, America, Australia, and Japan. Recent highlights include painting at Upfest for the fifth year, a 29 ft mural in Bristol and returning to his hometown, Honiton in Devon, to paint their very first mural.  He also won the PaintWorks Pop Up event and took part in the Brandalism project in Paris.

As a multimedia artist, Quick’s speed painting videos have found acclaim on platforms like Sky’s Oops TV and prominent websites such as BBC, Adam and Joe, GameSpot UK, and 30 Seconds To Mars.

With a whopping 1.8 million views on YouTube, boasting a wide fan base. His artistry transcends borders, appealing to enthusiasts worldwide.




Hazel Thomson

Artist Quote: “My love of nature and trees influences my work which is reflected by the many images of  trees in my landscapes”.

About the Artist

Hazel Thomson, a self-taught artist from England’s North West, producing large-scale oil paintings. Nature being her inspiration, she captures the enchanting British landscape, particularly woodlands and scenic vistas.

With palette knives and brushes, Hazel creates textured and detailed works that blend realism, contemporary, and impressionism. Her art has found homes with collectors in the UK and around the world, including the USA, Japan, Malaysia. She transports viewers into different seasons and times of day, evoking tranquillity in her art.

Hazel has received numerous awards. People’s Choice Awards at the Liverpool Art Fair, Stockport Art Open, and Virgin Art Wales. She also gained international recognition in the American Art Awards for Realism Landscape and Impressionism Landscape.

Hazel Thomson’s art offers a serene escape, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the British landscape’s natural beauty. Her dedication to her craft and global acclaim highlight her remarkable talent and the universal appeal of her work.



Georgiana Luiza Nicolae

Artist Quote: “I use art as a therapeutic way to channel my emotions. The canvas becomes my sanctuary, a blank slate on which I pour my deepest anxieties, fears, and frustrations. Through the act of creation, I become the architect of my own universe. Art allows me to break free from the shackles of my own thoughts. Paint helps me pour my deepest emotions, anger, and sadness onto the canvas, turning them into something positive. In the process, I begin to untangle a tangled web of emotions, gaining a newfound sense of clarity and understanding”.

Georgiana Luiza Nicolae, a UK-based aspiring artist, draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her primary medium is oil, but she’s versatile, often working with watercolours, inks, pastels (soft and oil), and occasionally acrylics. She’s committed to daily artistic practice, continually learning with each brushstroke.

Her artwork is diverse, fuelled by curiosity and experimentation. Her primary love is expressionist, semi-abstract figurative art, which is evident in most of her creations. She is drawn to unique shapes, unusual subjects, odd angles, and captivating perspectives.

Her preferred techniques include forceful expressive brushstrokes, bold palette knife applications (impasto), and painterly marks. Using a limited colour palette that grabs the viewer’s attention. She finds beauty in the unconventional, often exploring gloomy, haunting, and unsettling melancholy scenes.

While she’s mostly self-taught, her artist friends have played a role in her artistic journey. Georgiana’s formal education is in psychology, holding a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Her work often reflects psychological themes due to her background in mental health.

Her favourite paintings are a mix of reality and magic, featuring strange characters, an eerie atmosphere, and surrealism. She’s most fulfilled when she captures uncertainty, doubt, and mystery with simple compositions and a single focal point. For Georgiana, art becomes a medium to express that which words cannot convey.




Rowena Robis

Artist Quote: “I am inspired by the words of Martin H. Fischer (1879-1962). ‘Only an artist with a part of God in him can see beauty in the commonplaces of life'”,

Rowena Robis is a talented watercolour artist originally from the Philippines, now living in England. Her journey as an artist is entirely self-taught, her foundation laid during her university days studying Interior Design. There, watercolours were commonly used for design presentations in her courses.

Her passion for watercolours continued, and over time, she honed her skills by learning from her favourite artists through books. However, it wasn’t until a couple of decades later that she began to paint seriously, all while working full-time job as a CAD drafter.

In early 2023, Rowena achieved a remarkable milestone in her artistic career. Her zebra watercolour painting was chosen to be a part of the prestigious 211th exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, held at the esteemed Mall galleries in London. This accomplishment marked a significant honour, with her artwork showcased alongside numerous other talented artists. Rowena’s journey as a self-taught watercolour artist showcases her persistence, dedication, and a love for the medium. Her art beautifully bridges her Filipino heritage and her life in England, creating a unique and captivating style.




Carole Russell

Artist Quote: “Time has no place when I’m painting, there is no better way (for me) to lose myself”.

Carole Russell, born in Nottingham in 1956. She initially worked at a local photography studio, touching up black and white wedding photos. She later entered the world of office work, specialising in insurance and sales, which she pursued until 2007.

In 2007, she rekindled her love for painting after leaving it behind since school. With the help of websites and books, she explored various aspects of art, style, technique, colour theory, and composition. She often incorporates the Quiller colour wheel and the rule of thirds into her work.

Carole realised that acrylics best suited her artistic vision. Her work, inspired by colour and shape, results in a diverse portfolio with no specific theme. This gives her the freedom to paint whatever captures her imagination.

Joining the Nottingham Society for Artists in 2009 marked a turning point in her journey. As an associate member, she actively participates in regular group exhibitions throughout the year. In 2012, her talent earned her the prestigious Holbrook Prize for her piece, “Baby Got Blue Eyes”. She was also a finalist in the Society for All Artists competition and earned a place in the Nottingham Castle Open Art competition.

Carole Russell’s journey is a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions. Experiencing remarkable growth by following an artistic calling, regardless of the years that have passed.




Ian Stewart

Artist Quote: “As an artist I really appreciate the gift I have to totally immerse myself into the vast world of art”.

Ian Stewart is an artist who has a strong passion for capturing the details of animals, woodlands, and the beauty of nature. He primarily uses acrylic paints but enjoys experimenting with various mixed media to create his stunning pieces.

Ian’s love for art is closely tied to his desire to share it with the world. His dream is to see his creations on as many walls as possible, spreading the joy and beauty he finds in his subjects.

His journey as an artist began when he got a position in a prestigious art studio at a young age. This opportunity allowed him to gain valuable experience and refine his skills. In his twenties, Ian felt confident enough to approach publishers and collaborate with them directly. His diverse styles and subjects made him a sought-after artist, leading to contracts with top publishers.

Ian achieved an impressive milestone of having over twelve thousand works published. However, he has now left the commercial art world behind to create original pieces that resonate with his personal inspiration. He values the freedom to take his art in any direction he desires. His freedom allowing him to grow and develop without any constraints.

Today, Ian feels fortunate to have the pleasure of creating art that fulfils him personally. His works are in demand both in the UK and internationally, showcasing his talent and dedication. Ian’s art invites us to appreciate the wonders of the natural world and of artistic expression.




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