‘I Want to Heal You’ by Georgiana Luiza Nicolae


‘I Want to Heal You’ by Georgiana Luiza Nicolae is our Artwork of the Week. It’s a mixed media painting that shows a woman with long hair holding a skull, surrounded by red roses. The painting is high-contrast, using complementary colours on a deep-edge canvas with a black background to convey a sense of despondency.

Georgiana Luiza Nicolae is a self-taught artist based in the UK. She finds inspiration in unconventional sources and themes that challenge norms. Her art often explores gloomy and unsettling scenes that evoke melancholy, even though some people criticise her work for being bleak. She occasionally creates brighter paintings to balance her portfolio.

The main materials in ‘I Want to Heal You’ are oils with some acrylic. The painting measures 61cm x 91cm and comes on a deep-edge canvas, ready to hang. It’s UV-resistant varnished for protection and has a glossy finish. Nicolae has signed and dated it on the back.

The predominant colours in this artwork are black, purple, red, and green. The use of these colours, combined with the composition and subject matter, creates a powerful visual story. The contrast between the woman’s expression and the vibrant red roses and skull she holds is striking.

‘I Want to Heal You’ by Georgiana Luiza Nicolae encourages viewers to see the beauty in unconventional and even sombre subjects. The artwork’s vivid colours against a dark background evoke deep emotions, making it a thought-provoking piece that can be appreciated for its depth and artistry.






Can you describe the initial steps in creating this artwork?  

As mentioned this before but I like mysterious, moody and dark art. I wanted to paint a dark theme that also looked beautiful and wall hanging worthy. 

I wanted to convey contrast not only through the use of colour but also themes. Vibrant flowers, green leaves and a skull seemed like a contrasting enough scene. Therefore created my reference with a clear composition in mind. 

What inspired this artwork, ‘I Want to Heal You’? Can you share the idea behind it?

Yes, the idea that some people are so well intended and determined to help others regardless of the circumstances. In this case, one might argue, seems a bit of a challenge. I’m sure she’ll still try

Why did you choose red roses and a skull in your painting? Is there meaning in these?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to create contrast through themes. I think an image can evoke more emotion when there’s contrast. Both visual and symbolic.

Why are you drawn to unconventional or sombre subjects in your art, and what inspires you to explore these themes?

I think it’s because I’ve always been a melancholic person. I like sad violins and dystopian films. They comfort me. I rarely listen to upbeat music or watch comedies. Apart from my comfort show, of course. So when I developed an interest in art I tried everything, but nothing felt quite as fulfilling as moody, melancholic and strange paintings.







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