Marti Leroux showcases the complexity of thought and emotion while using simple line and colour in Love Contained II. The piece is abstract, allowing the viewer to experience their own interpretation of love. As the title suggests, there is a containment to the colours and content. But this is a subtle containment, composed of the light lines which flow throughout the painting.  Because of these lines, there is a visual source of navigation to the piece, directing you from the bottom left corner to the right, then up to the top right corner to the top left and back to the bottom. The fluidity of the piece is intentionally created to keep the eye moving and the painting alive.

The style is like Paul Klee or Susan Rothenberg in using the sketch like linework to create visuals for the eye to follow. As with Paul Klee or Susan Rothenberg, Marti Leroux uses a mixture of blues, greys, only opting for the darker colours as a focal point. However, unlike many modernism and post modernism pieces, this artwork does not carry a simple colour and sketch theme. Instead, the artist has used green, blue, and red. A dark blue is used in the bottom of this piece, cutting through the lighter red and green like a knife, and giving a starting point for the eye to follow.

Apart from the way in which Marti Leroux uses the lines as containers to the colours, is the way in which the lines are drawn to give more meaning to the painting’s title. Sensual shapes and curvatures can be found throughout the painting. There is an undertone of human anatomy to be found in the linework, but there is also supporting lines which help to establish feminine and masculine aesthetics throughout the artwork.

Created using a mixture of mediums, Love Contained II shows us how acrylic, marker, and charcoal can be coupled to create a powerful and emotional piece. Her influence of music and opera are clearly seen throughout this work as well as in her other works such as The Key I and Begin Again. Complex in its layers and overall design yet appearing at first glance to be simplistic in its presentation, Marti Leroux leaves the viewer contemplating the various associations of personal love and loss.

Marti Leroux’s painting is 22.9 X 30.0 cm (9 by 12 inches) on Paper. A white or black frame is suggested for the artwork. A white frame would make the dark green become more prominent where a black frame would help to bring out the linework within the piece. Either way, the artwork creates a powerful visual for any art collection.



Marti Leroux expounds upon the piece when asked the following:

The colours associated with love are generally red and pink hues. However, in your piece the focal point is green and dark blue. Is there symbolic/metaphoric meaning to the use of these colours?

You have layered this piece well with your use of acrylic, marker, ink, and white charcoal. What inspired you to use these mediums together in this piece and how do you think each medium plays upon the emotional and visual response from the viewer?

As an abstract piece of art, the overall interpretation is greatly given over to the viewer. However, once cannot help but see the musical influence integrated into the work. Are there any other influences which you drew upon when creating this piece?

Can you please elaborate on the title and how it relates to the overall visual and emotional experience you with the viewer to have?


I was feeling a little sad when I created this piece. A close family member was disrespectful and it hurt me deeply.  I paint intuitively, I don’t plan the composition or the colour scheme. The blues & greens spoke to me in that moment and perhaps reflected the sadness I was feeling. The pinks and orange are the feelings of hope and so much love peeking through the blues & greens.  They represent symbolically to love unconditionally. The mark making symbolize connectiveness…forever connected. The music influence is very much integrated into this painting in how it flows like a beautiful melody of the heart. Another strong influence which I drew upon when I created this art piece is spiritual. Going deep within to find serenity, and love.  Having my ego/personality take a back seat and have my soul come forth to create and to help forgive during the art making process. My soul’s strong desire is to bring light, love and hope to the world through my paintings. Love contained is a reminder to the viewer to forgive and to love. Whatever happens in the outside world the viewer has immense power in how they respond to the experience. Do you respond from a place of judgment and negativity or do you respond from a place of love. Love contained, in every moment, in every experience.



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