Irish wildflower you are home 2017 by Karen Eames

New Artists at Art2Arts Gallery

If you’re starting to build up your very own collection of artwork, but don’t have a huge budget to play with, then keeping an eye on up and coming talent new to the art scene is a fantastic way of getting your hands on some early pieces before they gain popularity and prices steadily begin to increase.

But how do you know which artists are set to take the art world by storm?

Here at Art2Arts, we are fortunate enough to work with some of the most exciting new artists breaking into the art world on a regular basis and are proud to showcase some of their work.

Here’s our selection of artists who we feel are worthy of a mention when discussing which names to look out for in the future.

Karen Eames


Irish wildflower you are home 2017 by Karen Eames
Irish wildflower you are home 2017 by Karen Eames

Based in Winchester, artist Karen Eames originally trained as a nurse and used her free time to continue her passion for art and painting.

Later, she achieved her dream by studying fine art at Winchester School of Art and Design and has since exhibited her work at exhibitions throughout the UK.

Her pieces are often described as dreamlike with a whimsical edge, and themes including landscapes, skies, countryside and wildlife as well as personal journey and history are combined to explore memory and trajectories of everyday life.

Working across several mediums which she selects to relate to the landscape, Karen has recently begun to paint on glass and slate dependant upon the focus of her latest piece. The artist believes in freeing yourself from the reality of everyday life, and each piece explores the colours of dreams rather than reality which can be appreciated by viewing her work.

Created in 2017, Irish wildflower you are home is a floral landscape of Irish wildflowers in a close-up landscape with ethereal, dreamlike qualities created using beautiful textures and colour that showcase the many talents of this up and coming new artist.

Kevin Hunter


Loch Lomond Moonlight by Kevin Hunter
Loch Lomond Moonlight by Kevin Hunter


One artist who has already gained a degree of notoriety is Kevin Hunter, who specialises in contemporary atmospheric impressionistic contemporary, and occasionally abstract, paintings, prints and commissions.

He takes his inspiration from his beloved Scotland, and some of his works have been displayed at Eilean Donan Castle, Edinburgh Airport, on the Hebridean Princess cruise ship and many Scottish independent outlets.

His work is also gaining significant attention further afield with some of his work being exhibited in Scottish galleries as well as galleries in London and Canada.

Kevin has also been commissioned to produce work for hotels, offices and has shipped his pieces to locations in Europe, America, South America, Canada and Australasia.

The artist perfectly captures the brooding Scottish landscape in his piece Loch Lomond Moonlight which is a thought-provoking and richly textured artwork created using layers of oils on canvas where the scene is bought to life through contrasts of light and dark.


Ira Whittaker


Soccer players by Ira Whittaker
Soccer players by Ira Whittaker


Artist Ira Whittaker is becoming increasingly popular with private collectors throughout the US, UK, Europe and Asia.

Art has been a big part of Ira’s life for many years, and the hours she has invested perfecting her craft have been well spent as the depth and dimensions of her work are engaging and have the ability to connect with the viewer.

Ira sees art as a spiritual experience which allows her to connect with the world and herself and she is continually experiencing new materials such as glass and wood to add to her collections. She also sees her art as an evolution and paints in several different styles making her pieces unique and visually striking. She paints not what she sees, but what she feels giving her work a subtle edge that speaks to experience.

She allows her intuition to lead her work and takes great time and care with each of her canvases to convey light and joy. Her main areas of interest are animals and using texture to give depth and dimension; her work is both realistic and fun making it an ideal gift for any art lover.

One of Ira’s most recent pieces is an oil on paper creation titled Soccer Players. This frivolous and fun piece of artwork is full of light and movement, a real constant in this artists work. The subject matter is light-hearted and guaranteed to raise a smile to anyone lucky enough to have this piece in their homes.

For more details on any of the up and coming artists above, or to discuss some of our other new artists, get in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable member of the Art2Arts team today and let us help you discover more about some of the names to watch out for in the art world.