Autumn Alight by Ian Stewart


The Artist

‘Autumn Alight’ by Ian Stewart is a landscape painting which beautifully captures the essence of the Autumn. The painting, measuring 84 x 60 x 3 cm (33.1 x 23.6 x 1.2 inches0 on a slimline canvas. Ian uses Acrylic and mixed media and the artwork is varnished, sealed and ready to hang. 

Ian’s journey in the world of art began as a teenager when he secured a position in a renowned art studio. This provided him with the invaluable experience of creating artwork at an exceptionally high standard. By the age of twenty, he had developed the confidence to approach publishers directly. His diversity of styles and subjects made him an instant success in the industry. He became contracted to some of the world’s top publishers.

“Autumn Alight” reflects Ian’s transition from a commercial artist to a free-spirited creator. With the freedom to choose his own subjects and styles, his artistic vision blossomed. This particular piece, which focuses on the autumn season, is a testament to the artist’s newfound creative autonomy.

The Painting

The painting is an impressionistic portrayal of a dense woodland. The canvas is dominated by the towering trunks of trees and lower branches, with glimpses of blue sky filtering through. The artist uses acrylic paints and mixed media to create a dappled effect. This allows the blue sky to peek through, gently illuminating the tree trunks.

The scene is autumnal, with the forest floor blanketed in a rich tapestry of orange red fallen leaves. A few green leaves still cling to the branches, creating an interplay of colours that is characteristic of the changing seasons. The contrast between the earthy tones of the leaves and the blue of the sky adds depth and vibrancy.

“Autumn Alight” serves as a testament to Ian’s artistic journey. It showcases his transition from a young talent in a prestigious studio to a successful artist with an impressive portfolio. This painting is a celebration of the autumn season’s beauty. It captures the essence of change, freedom, and creativity. Which in turn defines both the seasons and the artist’s career. It invites viewers into the breath taking world of nature, where the colours of Autumn come alive on canvas.




What or where inspired you to create “Autumn Alight”?

The inspiration for this artwork came from travels through Derbyshire. Collecting elements of Autumn beauty with sketches and photos. When I returned home I created this composition which gave me the complete painting I had in mind .

What aspects of your creative freedom do you find most fulfilling in your current work?

The creative freedom I now enjoy gives me every opportunity to experiment with various subjects and techniques.

Could you describe the process and techniques you used to achieve and what mixed media do you use?

I am always looking for different ways to make marks using anything that works. My favourite brush is a fan brush that I let Acrylic paint set hard on. I then put it on a concrete slab and flattened it with a hammer. After which I found the random hairs on the brush were perfect for painting animal fur. When using mixed media I use Acrylics, Oil pastels, ink , often added between layers of varnish.

What do you hope viewers take away from the emotions and atmosphere evoked by this artwork?

The subjects I choose tend to give me a warm optimistic feel about life. My challenge is to transfer this feeling to others and to witness a positive reaction is so very rewarding.  Then to have so many wonderful comments on social media is so very motivating.






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