Autumn has arrived late this year, but I think I’m finally beginning to get a sense of the leaves turning gold, along with a fresh chill in the air. Here’s Art2Arts top picks of autumn-themed art from the site.

Tree of Joy painting by Tina Ashton
Tina Ashton - The Tree of Joy.

Tina Ashton’s Tree of Joy picks up on autumn themes and colours while keeping a fresh and modern style. Heart shapes bring a fashionable focal point to the home interior.

Art painting UK
Lovers Stroll in the Woods, by Casimira Mostyn

Lovers Stroll in the Woods¬†– Isn’t this one of the nicest things about autumn? Taking a walk beneath the rust-coloured leaves? Casimira Mostyn’s informal and charming piece will remind you all year round of the relaxing qualities of a nature walk.

Painting by UK artist Caroline Ashwood
Natural Bloom by Caroline Ashwood

Caroline Ashwood’s painting uses autumnal metallics in a way which is both subtle and visually enticing. A bold and attractive floral semi-abstract that’s great for a home or corporate interior.

painting by UK artist Verity Darby
Dappled Chestnut by Verity Darby

Verity Darby’s Dappled Chestnut¬†focuses on the qualities a single leaf while demonstrating warm autumnal sunlight.

Painting by UK artist Rumen Dragiev
Lonely by Rumen Dragiev

Rumen Dragiev’s¬†painting uses impasto to stunning effect, creating a strong illusion of reflection. Rumen has a talent for capturing the spirit of autumn, and has several visually rich autumnal paintings on his artist’s page. The trees are bold and colourful, and this sophisticated painting makes an ideal statement piece for home or workplace.

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