After a  balmy Indian summer that continued well into November, winter is finally here, and we even have snow predicted for this weekend. Here are my top picks from amongst the wintry scenes at Art2Arts.

First Snowfall by Ruth McCabe

Ruth McCabe’s “First Snowfall” uses a traditional and oil technique, with a strong, almost impasto-esque texture, to strong and moody effect. A bold piece with real gravitas, “First Snowfall” would work well in either a white minimalist interior, or a traditional-contemporary setting.

On a Distant Horizon by Hester Coetzee
Cityscapes are a favourite of mine, and Hester Coetzee uses the genre to evocative effect with this snowy view of the city from distant fields. “On a Distant Horizon” is painted on a deep box canvas, so is ready to hang and will look stunning in a contemporary interior.

Off Piste by Tony Kenwright

An ideal gift for any keen skiier, Tony Kenwright’s “Off Piste” uses an acute perspective view to capture the thrill of zooming downhill over fresh snow, off the beaten track.

The Moors by Irina Rumyantseva

Irina Rumyantseva takes a fresh approach to the snowscape with her impressionist-influenced piece, “The Moors.” With its light colous contrasted against spindly black trees, this painting has a great sense of tension between the fresh, bright snowscape and the moodier elements of the winter scene.

And finally, Paula Oakley’s Snow on the Hill shows us a glimpse of a rural winter wonderland, with snow falling through the sky on to a barn and sloping field.

Hope you enjoyed my top picks, and have fun in the snow if we do get any!

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