Valentine’s day is a chance for couples in love to show their appreciation for one another, and amongst the romantic meals out or cosy nights in it has become customary to give a small gift to that special someone on 14th February. Presents such as chocolates, teddy bears or even racy lingerie are popular year after year, but have also become an obvious choice. A painting, picked especially for a loved one is the ultimate act of romance, and online art gallery Art2Arts explains why.

A couple that are truly in love know each other inside out, and Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to let significant others know that their quirks are what makes them special and of course, the perfect match. No other gift can do this justice than a hand-picked painting, presenting something unusual, thoughtful and filled with personal meaning, demonstrating the unique bond that is shared in a way that another set of earrings cannot.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “Some people may shy away from Valentine’s Day, but other couples really cherish this day together. However, it can be hard to find the perfect token of appreciation, especially if a pair have been together for years and all options have been exhausted! At Art2Arts, our online art gallery is filled with a diverse selection of paintings – any gift giver is bound to find the perfect piece to suit the one they love.”

For something truly appropriate for the day, browsers can type terms such as ‘love’ or ‘romance’ into the easy to use search bar, finding art that fits this category. Paintings such as Love You So by Denise Mitchell can quickly be found, depicting two sweet love birds snuggling together, as well art that highlights love’s embrace, such as Lovers – Valentine in Venice by Carmen Tyrell. Paintings such as Rose Bouquet by Teodora Totorean can give any floral fan a bunch of blooms that will last for years to come. But beyond the Valentine’s Day symbolism, with so many genres, styles and subjects to choose from almost any painting can be found to represent the special moments a couple has shared together.

Art2Arts is committed to making original art available to all and has an extensive selection of paintings for sale to suit a wide range of budgets, available at the price of a bottle of perfume, jewellery set or other common Valentine’s Day gifts.

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