Here at Art2Arts we know how many of you want to buy pieces that fit perfectly in a particular room, and we also know that many people want their house to be well decorated, creating a stylish and homely environment. But, have you ever considered how the colours you choose may affect moods? Colours can absolutely do this and today we want to help you discover pieces of art that will work well in the key rooms of your home. Here we take a look at several different colours, and advise you which rooms they might look best in – as well as suggesting some art pieces that we think would make a statement in your home.

Blue – Ever noticed how many brands use blue in their marketing? This is because blue is a calming colour, and it will have the same effect in your home. For this reason, blue may be best in your living areas or bedrooms – helping you to relax and unwind after a long day. Seascapes are an obvious choice to create tranquillity, or if you want something more abstract this piece by Pauline Thomas could be the perfect choice.

‘On Cloud Nine’ by Pauline Thomas


On Cloud 9

Red – Red is by far the strongest colour on the wheel. Our reaction to it is physical rather than mental, and it can even raise your pulse. So, our top tip would to be avoid huge amounts of red in your bedroom! There are lots of strong red pieces available here at Art2Arts but if you’re unsure about the boldness, why not take a look at something like Dawn Rodger’s ‘Tulips’, which pairs small amounts of red with deep blues for a calmer feel.

‘Tulips’ by Dawn Rodger


Green – Associated with the great outdoors, many people overlook the opportunity to bring the outside in with green hues. Green connotes harmony, balance and peace, so if you like the sound of this why not consider a piece of art with green tones? ‘Summer Breeze’ by Michelle Gibbs is an idyllic landscape that combines greens with a host of other colours or Rachel McCullock’s ‘Argentum Wave’ series use bolder greens to breath taking effect – perfect in living rooms or a spacious entryway.

‘Argentum Wave 19’ by Rachel McCullock

Argentum Wave 19

Black – Black may seem like a daunting or unappealing colour in your living spaces, but it can create a sophisticated atmosphere. Modern black kitchens are bold, but always stylish. We would advise using black more sparingly than other colours, and suggest teaming it with white or lighter colours so as not to make your rooms too dark! Something like Irina Rumyantseva’s ‘The Big Apple’ is a perfect choice for a minimalist interior, using strong blacks with white and teal.

‘The Big Apple’ by Irina Rumyantseva

The Big Apple

Multi – If you have a room that combines a number of different colours, art that incorporates a myriad of different colours can tie a room together beautifully. Lisa Vallo’s ‘Rainbow Frenzy’ would be the perfect addition to a funky kitchen, or, if you’re looking for something softer – Eunice Friend’s ‘Shepherd’s Delight’ could be for you.

‘Rainbow Frenzy’ by Lisa Vallo

Rainbow Frenzy

We believe there is a perfect piece of art for every room to suit every style – so, if you’d like more advice don’t hesitate to get in touch!




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