Art has always been a unique way for people to connect with the transcendent. From the importance of religious pictures in the earliest centuries to the modern day where artists use their work to connect with their higher selves.

Throughout history, the ties between spirituality and art have been strong. It’s something that we’ve always been interested in at Art2Arts and have enjoyed seeing how our own artists have interpreted spirituality in their own pieces.

The rise of spiritual art

Spirituality has always been a big focal point of art, since the earliest religious motifs, but it was the late 19th century when people’s views of the world and spirituality started to change.

Artists began to break through the boundaries of what art could be and rejected the status quo to begin a radical art movement that embraced spirituality and the abstract.

Rather than taking inspiration from the external world, many artists turned to looking inwards and connecting their spiritual selves to their work.

What came out of this was a change to surrealism and abstract work that was tied to artists’ spiritual ideas.

Surrealist art at Art2Arts

Our talented artists at Art2Arts are also very interested in the connection between spirituality and art, which can be seen in our large collection of surrealist artwork.

Here are some of our favourites:

Nobody wants to Sleep Tonight by Lidia Gajek

Nobody wants to sleep tonight

Lidia Gajek is one of our most popular surrealist artists, and she’s created a range of incredible pieces that really make you think.

One particular piece is Nobody wants to sleep tonight. An engaging piece that depicts a bed sheet that features a scene of two people running against the waves.

Commenting on our dreams, and what happens when we go to sleep, this introspective piece really makes you think about what’s out there – even when our eyes are closed.

Kindred Souls by Svetoslav Stoyanov

Kindred Souls

Stoyanov is an observant and analytical artist who is able to capture the passing of time and new horizons in his breathtaking oil paintings.

Kindred Souls depicts a desert scene with a glimpse into brighter, bluer skies along the horizon. Drawing the viewer in, the artwork allows you to go beyond the usual confines of the human mind and forces you to interpret your surroundings in a new and spiritual way.

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