We pride ourselves on our varied selection of paintings for sale at Art2Arts, with an online gallery that is bursting with pictures that cover just about every genre, medium, subject and colour palette imaginable. Included in this vast array of paintings, we have a number of stars of the silver screen and other famous pop culture icons, reimagined and immortalised in paint. Here are just a few of the well known faces you can find at our online art gallery, but perhaps not quite as you remember them…

Audrey- I Believe in Punk! – Raffaella Bertolini

udrey- I Believe in Punk!

Famed for her sophistication, charm and classic elegance, Audrey Hepburn is loved by many people. Here, Raffaella Bertolimi takes a quote by Audrey, “I believe in pink” and injects a sense of anarchy in “I believe in Punk”. Swapping the Tiffany diamonds for a spiked collar, her distinctive beauty still shines through in this piece. We love the contrast between the monochrome pencil drawing and the vibrant block colour inks to highlight the eyes.

Serge Gainsbourg Melting on a Mondrian Painting – Raffaella Bertolini

Serge Gainsbourg

Here, Italian born artist, Raffaella Bertolimi once again uses her imagination to present a famous face in an unexpected way. Part of a series dedicated to French popular icons, here we see poet, painter, singer, songwriter and all round creative master Serge Gaingsbourg shown against a backdrop of an equally as recognisable piece of modern art. The organic paint drips shown on top of a bold, geometric shapes forms a surprising but pleasant juxtaposition.

Kate Moss Stripes – Stephen Quick

Kate Moss Stripes

Kate Moss continues to reign as the queen of cool Britannia, decades after she first burst into the public eye, and this piece by Stephen Quick shows the natural beauty with the stripped back yet provocative look that she has become associated with. Although it looks rather like a piece of graffiti using a pasted paper print, this is a piece of original art, created with acrylic paint on canvas.

Laurel and Hardy – Philip Wilson

Laurel and Hardy

There is no other comedic duo quite as classic and ground-breaking as Laurel and Hardy, and this piece would be perfect for any fans of their traditional, Hollywood humour. Philip Wilson uses bright acrylic colours to represent the vibrant characters of these stars, painting the duo in an attractive and contemporary way.


If you love a particular star, why not browse our online art gallery today to find an unusual alternative to the printed poster?


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