Red Shoes by J P McLaughlin
Red Shoes by J P McLaughlin


“Black and white images are much more intense than colour, plus you can create a dramatic light source that is not always as intense in colour. Add a touch of red in the “Red shoes” and the painting comes to life”. This is how J P McLaughlin describes his latest painting, Red Shoes, and we couldn’t agree more.

J P McLaughlin is a Scottish artist who represented Scotland with a solo show in Lorient, at the largest arts festival in Europe. He also exhibited in St. Petersburg and his work is part of art collections in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Greece, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland and across the UK.

The artwork Red Shoes depicts a ballerina and even though the subject is easily recognisable, the painting has a dosage of mystery, inviting the viewer to discover, interpret and enjoy the painting.

We can’t see the dancer’s face and by looking at her position, a few interpretations come to the fore. She could be resting at the end of the show, nervously waiting to begin the show or she could be in the middle of the show and the artist captured her during one of her movements as part of her role. Judging by the light, the latter might be the most likely option.

It is not unusual for visual artists to be inspired by other forms of art like music, literature and dance and Red Shoes is the perfect example of such a connection.