Mass-produced artwork is everywhere these days. Digital innovation coupled with high consumer demand has meant that anyone with a passing interest in art or design can source a beautiful replica for their home, without a passing thought for the artist or the work they put into the original piece.

Here at Art2Arts, we want to show you why we think more people should buy original art. We believe that owning original art is highly beneficial in a multitude of ways, and we’d like to encourage more art enthusiasts to consider sourcing originals rather than replicas and copies.

Supporting the artists

One of the key reasons why we support original art above all else is because we want to support creatives and artists. Many artists struggle to survive on the sale of replica prints – the real value for artists is in the sale of their original works. Creating original art is no cheap endeavor. The cost of canvases and materials alone can skyrocket quickly, and that’s before you consider the time and effort that the artist has put into each creation.


If consumers buy original art, artists are in a financial position to continue making beautiful art – but if they’re stuck in a cycle of selling cheaper prints and copies, they can struggle to make a living and may have to turn to other, less creative ways of surviving.

There’s nothing like the real thing

If you’re looking for authenticity, there’s nothing quite like the real thing. Original artworks have a life of their own – a vibrancy which leaps off the canvas and has a real impact. If you’re ordering a duplicate or a print, it could be the highest-quality print in the world, with the most faithful colour representation, but it still wouldn’t be half as good as the real thing. Real, original art has colour and depth – it’s not flat and lifeless like many of the prints that are so popular.


A savvy investment

By purchasing original art, you’re not just guaranteeing enjoyment for yourself – you’re passing on a valuable piece which could enrich the lives of your descendants for years. Original artwork can quickly become ‘part of the family’ as an heirloom, and many original pieces actually increase in value over time, making original art a savvy financial investment as well as a sentimental one.

If you’re looking to start your own original art collection, browse the vast range here at Art2Arts today.