Ode to Monet by Hester Coetzee
Ode to Monet by Hester Coetzee


Renowned for his water lilies, Claude Monet was the founder of the Impressionism with his iconic painting Impression, Sunrise.

What he left behind was not only his body of work, but a legacy for the artists who followed.

Today, despite the diversity of styles, many artists go back to impressionism as their chosen style which is loved by art admirers and collectors alike.

What a better title to honour Monet’s work than Ode to Monet, an impressionistic painting created in oil by Art2Arts artist Hester Coetzee.

Even though when we see the title, we look for a resemblance with Monet’s work, Hester Coetzee’s painting is created using the palette knife for a striking effect and is created in her own individual style.

The aquatic world is suggested by the various shades of blue and the specific flora with water lilies taking the main stage.

If we look closer, we can pick out other features like the sun in the background and the lilies’ reflections in the water.

The painting is bright and colourful, making it appealing to a wide range of art lovers. Nature, flowers, the aquatic world and Monet – these are the sources inspiration for the artwork, establishing a link between artist and admirers while establishing Monet’s legacy through a visual ode.