machOne is an artist that honed their skills through many years of graffiti work. Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’ exemplifies the unique style of this clever artist. The original Hypnotized was such a popular piece, machOne decided to digitize and enhance it for sale. Each one is finished with stunning gold leaf and sealed with high gloss acrylic. Additionally, to ensure pieces are not replicated without consent, machOne has stamped, authenticated, and numbered each one. 

machOne’s style is derived from the comic book styling of the early 90s and that is beautifully portrayed in Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’. The piece showcases a pop art style woman staring longingly into the distance. However, this is not just a one sided piece. The deeper you look, the more details can be seen. Additional eyes and lettering across her face make a statement and provide depth to the piece. 

Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’ makes the viewer wonder what has this girl’s attention and what is she thinking about. The emphasis on her mouth and the increased detail of this area make you think what her eyes behold is more seductive in nature. Although we may never know exactly who this woman is, she is obviously enamored with someone or something. 

Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’ is among machOne’s newest creations for 2023 and the artist does well to emphasize the stunning contrast of the eyes mixed with the graffiti/ pop art styling. machOne is an impressive artist that deserves true praise for his emphasis on the seductive side of womanhood. As with the classic comic book styling, emphasis is not on the perfection of the female subject, but rather the overemphasized portions that make the piece all that it is. Let us ask machOne a few questions about Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’



What made you want to recreate the original piece and add embellished gold attributes?

Well actually the original concept for ‘Hypnotized’ was digital, I created an animation to use as a NFT, the painting came about because I have little faith in NFT’s as a concept so decided to paint it instead. The painting seemed very popular receiving many hits online and quite a lot of interest when it was on display, once sold I decided to tidy up the original digital artwork in 2D, alter the colour scheme and the gold leaf just seemed to naturally fit that scheme and adds a little something extra to it being a digital print.


What type of gallery, business, or personal collection do you feel Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition” would fit best?

Honestly I have no idea, interior design isn’t my suit, but the piece itself is subtle but impacting, depending on which eyes you focus on takes the artwork viewer in quite differing directions.


What attracts you to this style of art so much? What influences gave you the desire to paint in a comic book style?

As a teen reading comic books from legends such as Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Frank Miller they always created amazing facial expressions, perspectives and depth in their works, strong but stunning female characters and Millers use of text always captured my imagination. 


As for the colour choices in this piece, what made you choose this particular palette?

The original painting is bold in the colour choices, a strong yellow, medium blue over that, hot pink, an outline of a blue that is so dark it’s almost black set against a black and white background…. This version is ‘softer’ more ‘hypnotic’ I feel and that gold just finishes it I feel making this version more ‘feminine’ possibly.  


Was this piece modeled after a real person, dream girl, or another female character?

The expressions are an amalgamation. 


What is your favourite part of Hypnotized ‘Gold Edition’?

My favourite part of ‘Hypnotized’ as a design is the eyes, how they can take different paths, but the gold leaf on this version is really eye-catching , especially if you are walking past it and the light catches the gold and  POW! it just gleams. 


Are there any hidden meanings you can divulge about this piece?

No hidden messages really, I just feel the mind and body can be in very different places. 


Do you see yourself always harkening back to this style or do you intend on evolving into something new? What does the future hold for machOne?

Always moving and improving but Graffiti and comic books seem to be my ‘Gravity’. I seem to revolve around them, I explore these concepts in different ways but they’re always present.


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