Artists often have a different life before creating their own works. Ian Stewart is a great example of this. He discovered his love for art at a very young age and by the age of 20, he was working with publishers throughout the world producing thousands of pieces for commercial use. However, there comes a time in every artist’s life where they need to branch out on their own, so Ian Stewart eventually left the commercial side of the art world for his own pursuits. 

As he left the commercial art world, Ian Stewart began experimenting with his own contemporary style. He paints purely out of love for art and offers most of his paintings at remarkably affordable prices. It is Ian’s goal to have as many of his paintings on walls throughout the world as possible and by ensuring his prices remain affordable, he is able to sell far more pieces. 

Not only are various emotions emphasized in each piece, but his use of light and vivid colour is impressive as well. Ian Stewart paints a world we would all love to live in full of joy and consideration for fellow humans and animals. It is refreshing to see such a gifted artist work to populate the art world with his remarkable pieces, but what does Mr. Stewart, himself have to say about it all?



Why art? What about the art world entices you in your artistic pursuits?

I live next to a nature reserve in a beautiful area of Derbyshire so all the things in nature that inspire me are nearby.



What is your favourite medium to paint with?

I really enjoy the versatility of working with acrylic as it works so well with most other media.



What do you see in your immediate future? Do you intend on branching out from your style or evolving your painting genre in any way?

I hope to continue to challenge myself to accomplish as wide a range and variety of work as I can.



Who influenced you, initially, to become an artist?

In my younger years I admired the accomplished drawings of Adrian Hill.



Do you have any particularly enticing stories about any of your favourite pieces?

I was chosen by the Calendar and Greeting Card Association to design and create a hand-painted card for the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. It was very well received, but I forgot to sign it!!



Your animal subjects have such expressive eyes. How do you achieve that look?

I designed a vast number of greeting cards over the years and these achieved high sales, apparently this was due to my ability to paint the eyes and capture the sentiment. I just seem to have the ability to place the highlights in the right spot.


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