There is no relationship more mysterious than an artist and their muse, a relationship built on inherent pure passion and painted for all the world to behold. Amid famous partnerships such as Picasso and Marie-Theresa Walter, Klimt and Emile Louise Flöge, even Lucian Freud and Sue Tilly, a leading online art gallery highlights its lust-filled portraits, so mysterious they could feature the untold muses of its community of artists.

Michelle Gibbs, Director at Art2Arts revealed “While ultimately art is a consumer item for whoever purchases it, paintings are incredibly personal to the artist themselves, offering insight into their mind and often, their heart. As such, portraits are a wonderful choice for art fans that like to ponder the inspirations of each piece, letting the imagination run wild and form opinions of the artist and of course, the subject.”

Little is known about artist Helder Oliveira, making this artist even more intriguing to those who like to romanticise the paintings they purchase. Amongst pictures of celebrities such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, portraits of pensive, passionate women offer snapshots into love-fuelled situations that so many have experienced. Paintings such as Long Wait – Beatrix and One Night With Daniel reveal women which, if are not the muse of the artist then are surely the object of another’s affection.

Not limited to one sole muse, Peter Dadswell seems captivated by many subjects and stories, capturing them each with as much admiration and respect as the next. Provocative paintings such as The House is Empty Now and Venetian Venus offer the same sense of mystery that is apparent in famous portraits by great painters of their loved ones.

Martin J Leighton is another popular artist at Art2Arts who favours the human form, resulting in a stunning portfolio of evocative work. Amongst his series of stunning figurative pieces, Private Moment depicts the type of candid moment that is often reserved only for the eyes of close relations.

Fuelled by raw passion, the world of original art is perfect for celebrating this up-coming Valentine’s Day.

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