Online art gallery Art2Arts offers the remedy for a nation that is tired of consuming mindlessly, with its innovative platform for selling original artwork from contemporary artist across the UK. Those browsing on can purchase one off decorative pieces straight from the artist, for a more selective and meaningful shopping experience.

Recent figures published by the UK Office of National Statistics revealed that the amount of raw materials consumed in the UK in 2013 dropped from a peak of 889.9m tonnes in 2001 to 659.1m tonnes. One explanation put forward for this large reduction is the notion that Britain has simply reached a state of ‘peak stuff’, with consumerism as it was, slowing down. The retail climate is changing dramatically, and these figures suggest that the ever present throwaway culture in the UK could soon be reaching an end. Online art gallery platform Art2Arts caters to this evolving retail landscape by offering consumers a more selective way to purchase, as opposed to being tied down by mass produced clutter.

“Products that are replicated on a large scale are largely lacking in personality, yet they are prevalent in every retail environment, with art as no exception. How many times have you been to a hotel or rented apartment to find the same shop bought art hanging on the walls?” commented Michelle Gibbs, director of Art2Arts, “I created Art2Arts as a tonic for this culture, providing a portal for art lovers to find the perfect paintings to suit their style and tastes exactly, with no risk of anyone else owning the same piece of work. When using Art2Arts, you are purchasing directly from the artist themselves, meaning a more personal and memorable shopping experience can also be achieved”.

Homeowners looking to decorate their spaces with one-off paintings and ornamental items can use the online art gallery to filter through the range of quality artworks available, in order to select the right original piece for them and the rooms in which they want to stamp their personality.

Gibbs continued “With such a wealth of talented artists producing work in the UK, there is no need for the British consumer to turn to high-street chains for replicated pieces of work. Art2Arts boasts a varied gallery of work to suit every style, taste and budget.

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