Game, set and match! Wimbledon is almost amongst us – the oldest and most prestigious ‘world cup’ tournament of the tennis world. Whilst the Great British public are getting together to celebrate this heritage sport, as a proudly British company we at Art2Arts thought we would pull together our most Wimbledon worthy paintings for sale, available at our online art gallery.

So get your rackets at the ready and prepare for a large helping of Pimms as we show you our collection of ‘Wimbledon in Watercolour’!

Anyone for Tennis (British Bulldog) – Eunice Friend

Anyone for Tennis

As another recognisable piece of English iconography, we can think of no other animal more appropriate for our Wimbledon celebration than this British Bulldog by Eunice Friend. Although he looks a little less lively than the characters that we usually see on the court, we’re sure he would get his spark back as soon as someone threw his ball for him! This painting for sale has been set on a box canvas, painted around the edges for a quality finish. Eunice’s delightful portraits of the animal kingdom are going down a treat amongst the Art2Arts community, so act fast if you think this beautiful bulldog would look perfect in your home!

Mermaid – James R.Howrie

Mermaid by James R Howrie

It seems that us land dwellers are not the only ones going crazy for tennis this time of year, as our friends under the sea are also experiencing the Wimbledon frenzy! ‘Mermaid’ is an example of Howrie’s distinctive style, fusing fantasy elements with a hint of realism to create truly mysterious pieces of art. At almost 40 inches wide this is one of our large paintings for sale, and it would certainly make a big impact and a real talking point when hung on any wall.

Strawberries and Meringue – Mervyn Tay


When off the court and watching from the side-lines, what better way to enjoy a game of tennis than with a lovely helping of strawberries and cream? A perfect accompaniment to a refreshing glass of Pimms, Mervyn Tay has replaced the cream with an equally as indulgent meringue in this delightfully fruity painting. With the use of acrylic paints, this piece is as bold and vibrant as a graphic print, whilst the hand painted aspect of the artwork makes it an original piece for whoever becomes the lucky owner!

One more slice – Louise Jane Simpson

One more Slice

Continuing on with our indulgent theme, Louise Jane Simpson adds the ever so English Victoria Sponge cake to her strawberries in ‘One more slice’. In contrast to the bold, graphic nature of ‘Strawberries and Meringues’ the crumbling cake in this image looks almost good enough to eat thanks to the thick layers of impasto paint being used to add texture.

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