If you’ve ever visited a museum to browse the carefully chosen selection of masterpieces displayed on its walls, you may have been unaware that you were probably standing on top of a basement packed full of other masterpieces. It’s standard practice for art dealers to keep their stock safe in a museum storage room, while searching for a buyer. However, this can be quite an expensive service and also means that a number of artworks are left to gather dust. A new trend amongst dealers seems to solve both of these issues.

The idea is for museums to lend artworks to private homes in order to save space and reduce costs. The reduced amount of space available at UK galleries, means that private homes can offer a cheaper storage alternative and provide a blank canvas for art to be displayed. The idea was thought up by a curator at one of London’s top museums, as a way to tackle rising rents in expensive areas. A number of museums and galleries have expressed the need for an alternative due to increasing fees.

This is a win-win situation for museums and property developers. By outsourcing their services, museums will be able to free up some much needed storage space and display artwork for free. Developers and interior designers can acquire art from a huge catalogue, letting them create a more luxurious style at a lower cost. This is a great way for them to increase the chance of selling homes, which is why the idea has been welcomed by many developers and designers. By using high-end artwork to decorate private housing, developers can drastically increase the value and appeal of their properties.

Lending paintings, statues and furniture to private homes is a great cost-saving idea but more importantly it means that countless pieces of art can now be displayed instead of going to waste in storage. Art is meant to be seen and appreciated, so this system is a great way of showcasing some brilliant, unseen pieces. There are countless artists who produce amazing works that often go unappreciated due to a lack of buyers. Lending to private homes means that their work is given more display time, increasing the chance that it will sell. This means that more artists will receive the commission and recognition they deserve.

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