What a simple, yet highly complex question. We have heard this question asked throughout the years in education institutions throughout the world. Budgetary guidelines for primary and secondary schools have forced educators to reevaluate what is necessary for the core of education and unfortunately, art programs seem to be on the chopping block first. Many consider art to be an elective activity and therefore not essential for standard education at all, but are we really robbing our youth of something vitally important? The answer is yes and here are just a few reasons why art is so important. 


An Expressive Outlet

Children express their emotions in a variety of ways and often outbursts of emotion can be formed in a negative manner. Fits of anger and sadness can be all too common in very young and even adolescent children. Curbing these emotions and allowing the child to understand them can be a remarkably difficult thing for any parent or teacher. 

Drawing and painting have been used by psychologists, therapists, and even social workers to contend with emotions of children and find out what they are really feeling. Art has a unique way of unlocking our innermost thoughts. Art programs provide a regular outlet for students to express their emotions without the strict confines of a traditional classroom experience. That is something that cannot be said of merely reading and arithmetic. 

Children often contend with very difficult situations at home and in school. Without an art program in place, they may resort to expressing emotions by fighting with other children. It is vital that we provide our children with tools to help them manage their internal emotions responsibly without resorting to violent tendencies. 



Unlocks the Dreamer

The expressiveness of art is not just a way of expressing emotions, but can actually unlock inner dreams from our soul. Children are exceptionally adapted to dreams and putting those dreams on canvas, paper, or any other medium helps them amp up their ability to dream and express those dreams to others. When children are provided the ability to dream by making up characters or reimagining a scene it opens up so many doors and opportunities for the future. Dreamers are always necessary in our world. 

Empowers Out of the Box Thinking

Take a moment to look about any given store. Look through the shelves at all the amazing tools, gadgets, and gizmos that we often take for granted. You do not even have to be in a store to see our modern world and all it has accomplished. Cars, trains, planes, an endless number of things everywhere. Every one of these items has one very important thing in common. They were all invented by someone. 

An invention starts out as a way to fix a problem. An inventor must envision the outcome, draw out the specs, and ensure the invention works as it should before it can even be patented and prepared for production. Basically, an inventor must think around the problem and most notably, outside the box to solve the problem. Art programs regularly empower children to solve problems and give them the tools to create new ideas and solve some of the world’s most pressing problems later in the future. 

If we neglect to give our future leaders the tools they need to succeed later in life, we ultimately fail them as a society. Stifling the creativity of an entire generation will lead to an extreme failure to evolve further as the human race should. We need to create, we need to move forward and to do that we need new ideas from the up and coming generation. What would have happened if the Wright brothers would have never been given the chance to pursue their dreams of flight?


Endless Opportunity in Various Art Genres

The powers that be may believe they are doing children a service by letting go of art related activities. However, art is not defined as merely placing paint on a canvas. It is an endless stream of various creative activities and genres from music, to dance, to theater, and virtually anything that can be classified as a creative outlet. 

Taking away one of these activities can keep a future actor from realizing how naturally they perform on stage or a dancer from being given the opportunity to enter a studio. The need for art is vital to our very existence. We need to create and become more than just a biped walking the earth. Art allows our soul to show itself. It gives our ideas wings, and it makes it possible for future generations to unlock their inner creativity. 

Art is a Universal Language

Have you ever been to another country and found it difficult to communicate with the natives? If you do not speak their language, you have to find a different way to communicate. Worldwide, there are currently 7,151 languages, but there is one universal language we all can speak, art. Art is regarded as a universal language for its ability to cross communication barriers speech can make. 

We can look at Leonardo da Vinci as a great example of this unique attribute of art. As an Italian artist, he communicated in his native tongue, yet his paintings are known throughout the world and have been enjoyed by art enthusiasts the world over. You see, art is its own language. It translates to anyone at any time and can evoke an emotional experience from everyone who views it. Your art may be unique to your style, but the feelings it brings to others is truly universal. 



Art Will Always Be

Few things stand the test of time quite like art. It has always been a part of our history and will continue to empower the human spirit. Art has been found in virtually every excavation of tombs, pyramids, and everywhere throughout the world. Why? Because it is important to the human spirit and a link from one generation to another. 

Art may be a very difficult entity to define and some may never understand it, but never neglect the fact that art is important. It is vital for the development of young minds and gives them an outlet for expression that cannot be mimicked by other avenues. As more and more institutions work to limit or eliminate art programs, we must stand up for what we know is true. 

Art is essential and without it we can limit our ability to truly live. Give future generations the power to create and never limit their ability to reimagine what is, into what it can become. Embrace your local art programs and make the future a more colourful place. 


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