Towards The Sun
An Alluring Piece By John Varden

Artwork is not limited only to homes but can also brighten up office spaces too. There are many benefits of art in the workplace apart from just adding aesthetic value to your surroundings it can also be stimulating for your employees. However, selecting the right original art for your office can be a tricky task. Similar to choosing artwork for your home can be a daunting task, selecting masterpieces for your office can also be challenging. However, when it comes to selecting artwork there is no set rule and you have to trust your instincts when buying paintings for your office.

Benefits of Art on Your Visitors

Three Boats
An Interesting Painting By Jeremy Mayes

A company’s image and brand is based on the environment its office space creates and visitors usually contemplate their assumptions about the company as they scan the premises. From original paintings to sculptures, you can pair these masterpieces in line with your office interiors and colour schemes. The reception area is the first contact area, which is where companies showcase their work or products. Displaying artwork in this area will allow visitors to appreciate your taste and personal style.

Companies can also consider incorporating art and their product in such a way that it appeals to the visitors and they are captivated by the idea the company wants to highlight. Often original art and display of sculptures gives away the feelings of accomplishment, success and competitiveness, factors that enlighten your visitors.
Companies can also include the psychology of colour, how certain colours impact people’s moods and stimulate their senses. Several modern day companies are using vibrant and lively colours to create a statement and sense of personalisation.

Benefits of Art on Your Workforce

Floral Theme IV
A Magnificent Piece By Margaret Raven

Offices are great open places, which are perfect for displaying large pieces of original art. It also serves as a comforting resort for those who continuously stare at a computer screen and need a refreshing break. If your company is looking to inspire and motivate employees then you can display artwork that is captivating and inspirational. Photography is a great channel for generating original art and can impact people’s productivity. Buy painting that highlight a mixture of calm and invigorating colours so that it can create a balance within your workplace. Displaying art that uses calming colours might put your staff to sleep whereas empowering colours might cause high blood pressures. Therefore, it is vital that you strike a balance when buying paintings or original art.

Companies should include a combination of artwork that belongs to different genres so that they can encourage individuality. Even though the corporate identity might be strong but every employee is unique and this sense of individuality should be highlighted. It isn’t necessary that paintings have to be expensive you can get a good bargain from some upcoming artists who are looking to attract a strong customer base. Companies can encourage employees to give their feedback about original art so that once you go to buy paintings you can purchase something that reflects your employees’ taste.