The amazing thing about the world of art and creativity is that anyone can make their mark in it. History is full of famous creators that started out with nothing more than a pencil and a dream. If you have a passion for art, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of trying to navigate the saturated art industry but don’t worry. Although the competition seems to be fierce these days, with more hopeful artists than ever clambering to make a name for themselves, these top tips will help you break into the art scene and get the recognition you deserve.

Keep working

Times can get hard and your effort can sometimes seem pointless if you’re not selling any of your creations but it’s important to keep going. Don’t let the possibility of failure put you in a creative rut. Keep creating and keep improving your skills and you will increase your chances of getting recognised. Even if you put it down to sheer odds- the more work you produce, the higher the chance that someone will see one they want to buy.


It’s important to learn from the best and find artists who inspire you but remember to be original and develop your own style. All of the most famous artists throughout history have gained recognition from their unique style and approach. No one wants to buy a replica but if you put yourself into your art and create something unique, you’re more likely capture people’s attention.


Today’s art industry is a bustling network of artists, dealers and global institutions. At the speed the industry moves at, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest trends and movements. Be sure to attend as many social events, talks, seminars, exhibitions and galas as you can. Meeting people within the industry will get your name circulating and give you a chance to make contacts and showcase your work.


The passion for creating art will always come first but if you’re hoping to make a living from your work it’s important to invest time into the business side of things. Self-promotion and marketing are very important in such a fast-moving industry. It’s a good idea to seek out dealers or platforms that can help connect you with potential buyers and showcase your work.

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