In times like these, we could all do with a bit of colour in our homes. One of our favourite trends that are taking over the art world at the moment is the increased use of neon colours with psychedelic themes.

Adding a fun, exciting twist to your traditional natural hues, this form of art embraces colour and vibrancy to create some truly stunning pieces.

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The neon and psychedelic art trends

Neon art is normally very closely entwined with psychedelic art trends. Both use bold colours, energetic strokes and abstract features to create impactful works of art.

Covering a range of subjects from absurd abstracts, to lifelike representations of flowers, animals or people, this style of art packs a punch and can uplift any room.

Inspired by the psychedelic art of the 60s and 70s, vibrant colours are making a comeback and it’s interesting to see how creatives take these styles and update them for the modern-day.

Although these styles of art aren’t the most subtle or minimal, they can easily get your creativity flowing and heighten your senses.

Neon Art at Art2Arts

As the trend grows in popularity, we’re seeing more of our very own artists offer their own interpretations of neon art.

Here are two of our favourites.

Sunflowers (reproduction) by Nora Nikolova

Sunflowers (reproduction)

Van Gogh is one of the world’s most celebrated artists, which has led to many other creatives reproducing his work in their own styles.

Nora’s reproduction of sunflowers is the perfect example of how you can take bright, vibrant colours and use them in a fun and exciting way.

This piece would make a perfect focal point in any room, instantly lifting everyone’s spirits with the warming yellows, reds, and oranges that are used throughout the artwork.

Happy Gypsy Dance by Soos Tiberiu

Happy Gypsy Dance

If you want to add an art piece into your home that will breathe new life into your space, it doesn’t get more energetic than Soos’ Happy Gypsy Dance.

This incredible piece features just about every colour of the rainbow in neon form. Blending each vibrant colour to create an abstract piece that will become an easy attention-stealer in your home.

Whatever your interpretation of this painting is, we think it’s the perfect piece to add to any minimalist or maximalist decor.

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