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In recent years, the way we all consume art has changed. Now people spend their time scrolling through social media to keep up with their favourite artists and we’ve seen more galleries adopt innovative and immersive tactics to showcase their artwork.

These changes have only been spurred on by the recent pandemic, which forced many businesses to transition to online offerings – especially art galleries, museums etc.

Since then, virtual art exhibitions have become extremely popular. Places like the National Gallery, Tate Modern and the Museum of Modern Art in New York all now offer virtual tours.

And now, we’re bringing a virtual art exhibition to Art2Arts. This is the first time that we’ve attempted anything along these lines, and we’re so excited to be able to share the work of our incredible artists with a whole new group of art lovers.


More people are viewing art online than ever before 

Art was often something that people didn’t have access to unless they were regular visitors to their local art gallery or museum.

Now, it’s never been easier to view art online or visit galleries across the world. Since the pandemic, more of us have been spending more of our time at home which frees up time for us to indulge in the beauty of art.

Over the pandemic, the British Museum’s online collection pages went from around 2,000 visits a day to a staggering 175,000. Similarly, London’s National Gallery saw a 1000% increase in people viewing their virtual tours online.

Technology and changing attitudes have made art much more accessible to the masses – which we think is a great thing. Also, the use of augmented-reality, virtual-reality, and AI features can make viewing art online a much more immersive and exciting experience.

Virtual tours give people the chance to feel like they’re actually walking through an art gallery, even if they are just enjoying it from the comfort of their own homes. It’s an experience like no other, and we’re happy to see it become the norm for many galleries and museums across the world. 


How buying art has changed recently 

Just as viewing art online has changed, people’s approach to buying art has changed too. It’s not enough to see pictures of a piece of art on a website anymore, customers want to have a proper view of the artwork and imagine how it could fit in their homes.

This is where virtual online exhibitions have made it easier for buyers and collectors of art.

Customers can ‘walk’ through the virtual exhibition and see a huge range of art, allowing them to visualise what different pieces could look like. It also gives them an experience similar to that of walking into a physical gallery and figuring out which pieces attract them the most.


Creative Minds at Art2Arts

After seeing the popularity of virtual exhibitions grow over previous years, we wanted to get on board with the trend and give our Art2Arts customers a unique experience.

The exhibition, which we’ve named ‘Creative Minds’ will be launched in June and will feature a range of works from our extremely talented artists.

Each piece of art will be completely unique but follow a distinct theme throughout. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect piece of abstract art to display in your home, this could be the perfect exhibition to check out.

Here are some of the pieces of art that you can expect to see in our upcoming exhibition.


Reawakening by Alan Brain

Reawakening by Alan Brain

Reawakening by Alan Brain

This stunning piece of art is simple yet makes a real impact. Featuring a vivid pink square against a deep blue background, with a multicoloured line cutting across the canvas, this piece could act as the centrepiece in any room.

Featuring only the essentials, this abstract work is very minimalist in design and painted in pure watercolour. The subtleties of the paint, with the beautiful blurring effects, demonstrate the eye-catching translucency of the medium.


Cosmic Flow (XL Diptych) by Gillian Luff

Cosmic Flow (XL Diptych) by Gillian Luff

Cosmic Flow (XL Diptych) by Gillian Luff

Add a touch of drama to your home with this stunning abstract piece from Gillian Luff. This atmospheric work is made up of layers of high-quality oil paint that will give the appearance of changing as you move around the room or adjust your lighting.

With beautiful burnt sienna, brown madder, shimmering gold liquid, orange and creamy white hues, this piece offers a warming atmosphere that begs for a closer look. It’s also finished with several coats of satin varnish to give an alluring glossy finish.


Orange Lined Landscape by Ronald Hunter

Orange Lined Landscape by Ronald Hunter

Orange Lined Landscape by Ronald Hunter

Perfect for injecting some colour into your space, Orange Lined Landscape is a vivid and vibrant work by Netherlands-based artist, Ronald Hunter.

Using multiple layers of paint to create depth and texture, you can display this work either horizontally or vertically to spice up your interiors.


Browse more of our artwork at Art2Arts.

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