Although appreciation of art is something that will remain timeless, there are certain styles that are more popular each year. While we are starting to get a glimpse into where the trends could be heading in 2017, we take a look into the types of art that you, our Art2Arts customers, loved in 2016!


2016 was certainly the year that the world seemed to break free from every existing ‘box’ it was categorised in, with many political decisions paving the way for a very different 2017.  While all this was happening, it seemed that the art you bought reflected this limitless atmosphere as raw, organic abstract art remained a favourite amongst our customers. Artists such as Caroline Ashwood sold well, constantly creating the colourful pieces that provided the injection of light-hearted fun that you craved!

‘Good Vibrations’

‘Good Vibrations’ by Caroline Ashwood. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


Whether calm and peaceful or raging and full of energy, seascapes were also loved by our community of art fans in 2016. Due to its naturally tactile qualities, seascapes can be recreated in a wide range of styles and using many mediums, making this subject or genre of art incredibly diverse and the artists we host are constantly updating this category with stunning examples of sea scenery. Amongst the many seascapes that were sold, the beautifully realistic ‘Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros found a new home last year. Although this is original art and cannot be reproduced, Stefan continues to update his personal gallery with a plethora of paintings, featuring the sea at various beautiful times of the day and night.

 ‘Shimmering Ripples’

Shimmering Ripples’ by Stefan Fierros. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.


Sometimes, visual trends can’t be explained. One of these unusual yet charming instances was last year, when paintings of cows sold well (and look set to continue doing so in 2017!) Artists Irina Rumyantseva and Casimira Mostyn continue to be firm favourites, with their individual styles of painting this farmyard creature becoming highly sought after.

‘Funky cows’

‘Funky cows’ by Irina Rumyantseva. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online.

Realistic landscapes

In the age of Instagram, we are now exposed to hundreds of visually stunning images each and every day, often in the form of photographs. However, while these pictures are beautiful, and have certainly inspired a new generation that appreciates the arts more than ever, it has also caused a drive towards capturing these same moments but in the form of original art. Realistic landscapes capture the types of scenes that may pop up on our newsfeeds but in a truly unique way, making them incredibly appealing to a wide audience. A painting of the National Trust reserve, Waggoners Wells by Jan Rippingham is one of many jaw-dropping landscapes that made its way to you in 2016.

‘Waggoners Wells,

‘Waggoners Wells, Hampshire’ by Jan Rippingham. This piece is now sold. View more work from the artist online. 

Did you buy any art online from each of these categories? Where do you think the trends are heading this year? Get in touch – we love to hear your thoughts!

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