Sunshine and happiness by Rod Bere

If you want to get on board with the millennial pink trend that seems to have swept across all aspects of interior design, investing in stunning art is a great place to start. Showcasing pink hues, from soft pastels to vibrant neon shades, is the simple way to instantly give interiors a modern twist with minimal hassle.

1. Flower 9 by Simon Slater

Flower 9 by Simon Slater

Looking for something that uses vibrant summer colours and has a contemporary appeal? The Flower 9 acrylics painting would look stunning hung on your wall. Using bold, striking floral shapes, the image takes your thoughts straight to the outdoors and gardens. The one of a kind artwork perfectly blends millennial pink and beautiful purple tones to give a modern yet elegant result.

2. Sunshine and Happiness by Rob Bere

Sunshine and happiness by Rod Bere

For a pink piece of art that doesn’t overwhelm, the Sunshine and Happiness painting is just what you’ve been looking for. The subtle shades are perfect for the floral scene and creating a relaxing atmosphere in homes. It’s ready to hang in your home as soon as it arrives, so you’ll be able to embrace the millennial pink trend in no time at all.

3. Matilda by Naomi Vona

Matilda by Naomi Vona

If you love surreal, contemporary designs, this work of art entitled Matilda should be high up on your list of pieces to consider. Using unique materials, such as washi tape, it’s truly a unique, millennial creation. It perfectly captures a generational style combined with bright, bold shades of pink to ensure it appeals to those searching for millennial pink inspiration. Referring to the classic namesake song ‘Matilda’ by Harry Belafonte, it comes with a story too.

4. Summer Memories by Paresh Nrshinga

Summer Memories/ Butterfly collage by Paresh Nrshinga

Bring the outdoors in and add a touch of fresh millennial pink with an original, abstract collage piece of art. It’s a fantastic choice for bringing a feminine feel throughout interiors, while the warm, bright colours evoke memories of summers – it’s a great option for a gift to a loved one. The beautiful creation uses shapes to create a feel of movement and emotions to give it that extra appeal, that you’ll love to gaze at.

5. Geisha Garden by Michelle Carolan

Geisha Garden by Michelle Carolan

This abstract painting doesn’t just use millennial pink to great effect, it showcases bold and vivid colours effortlessly to capture the delicate nature of a Japanese Geisha. If you love impressionist art, this layered style painting is the perfect addition to your collection. The inspirational design, evokes a sense of creativity, calmness, and tranquillity that makes it the perfect art to hand in a range of interior settings.

6. Rose Pink Landscape by Carol Ann Wood

Rose Pink Landscape by Carol Ann Wood

Rose tones and millennial pink have been two of the hottest trends over the last twelve months, and this stunning landscape acrylics painting gives you them both. The stunning colours gives Carol Ann Wood’s piece a mystical feel that captures the imagination and transports viewers. It’s the ideal piece of art to invest in if you’re looking for a unique take on nature to show off in your home.

7. Zantedeschia by Kelly Marie Davidson

Zantedeschia by Kelly Marie Davidson

This elegant and alluring painting truly captures the millennial pink colour. Showing a beautiful Spanish bride surrounded by falling blossoms and confetti, the stunning dress is designed to look like Calla Lilies, or Zantedeschia. It’s simply a delightful piece that tells a story from the moment that you look at it.

8. Blossom II by Katie Daw

Blossom II by Katie Daw

If you’re looking for something that is modern and fun, look no further than Blossom II. Taking floral designs and giving it a contemporary twist, this is a canvas that is millennial in design, going beyond the bold pink shade used throughout the artwork. It’s a one-off creation that you can proudly display in your home, knowing that it’s entirely unique.

9. Sisterhood by Naomi Vona

Sisterhood by Naomi Vona

Another creation by Naomi Vona makes our list of pieces to browse if you want to add a touch of millennial pink to your décor. Combined with bright green, the stunning pink design certainly captures the eye. The whole painting acts as a statement on feminism while embracing a vintage vibe that gives the whole piece of art a unique feel.

10. Orange Flamingos by Olga Koval

Orange flamingos by Olga Koval

If you want to embrace nature and the millennial pink trend, there’s one animal that will stand out – the beautiful flamingo. This piece captures the stunning birds on a foggy morning, combining bold pinks with shimmering water. Using oil paints, the artist achieves a superb finish and an appeal that draws viewers in. The edges have been painted, giving you the freedom to use a frame or not.

If you’re looking to showcase some millennial pink art in your home, office, or any other location, these ten options are just the start of what you can discover on Art2Arts. In just a few clicks, you’ll be browsing millennial pink paintings that you’ll want to display.