Quilted Sunset by Caroline Ashwood

Among the hundreds of amazing and talented artists at Art2Arts, Caroline Ashwood has cultivated a huge following thanks to her unique abstract art that combines vibrant colours and creative patterns. From humble beginnings in Yorkshire painting as a child and soaking in her inspirational surroundings, to creating artwork that has been featured in some of the most prestigious galleries in the industry and sold to collectors all over the world. Here’s a closer look at the life and career of this amazing artist.

From being a young child, Caroline always displayed a passion for creativity and it became clear soon on that she had a natural talent for drawing. She would spend a lot of time in the rural areas of Yorkshire painting the things she saw. It wasn’t long before she realised she was heading for a career in the creative industry.

During her earlier years, Caroline received professional art training and was able to develop her raw talent and improve her skills. Her first step towards success came when she began a career as a graphic designer, working for prestigious institutions such as M&C Saatchi. During this time she worked on a number of creative projects and was able to further improve her skills as an artist. It was in 2002 when she decided to pursue her artistic career permanently and became a full-time artist.

Since then, Caroline has worked out of her studio in Yorkshire and created countless breathtaking pieces that have drawn the eyes of numerous high-profile collectors. Her art has also gained recognition within the fashion and interior design industries thanks to the adaptation of her unique abstracts patterns onto things like shoes and cushions.

The artistic process undertaken by Caroline when creating her paintings is part of what sets her aside from many other abstract artists. She takes a very personal and visceral approach when developing a piece and relies on her instincts to help her create timeless art, a process which really shows through in the final product. The unique balance between lighting, colour and patterns found in Caroline’s work is what has made her paintings so popular and lends itself to many other forms within the creative industries.

Currently, Caroline is still working hard to expand her line of creative projects and inspire others within the art world. Her paintings and products are available from a range of different dealers and galleries around the country so be sure to check out her work and discover its beauty for yourself.

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