Artists are always looking for people and places to inspire them and help them create beautiful artwork. Depending on the type of artist you are and the type of work you like to create, you may be inspired by all kinds of different things. One thing that most artists have in common is that they usually draw their inspiration from the world around them, whether that be natural scenery or society and personal interaction. If you’re in an artistic rut then check out this list of beautiful places around the UK that are sure to help get your creative juices flowing.

Fort William

The Scottish Highlands are full of beautiful locations with awe-inspiring landscapes and idyllic natural scenery. Fort William is a perfect example of the beauty that Scotland holds and the way in which bustling town life fits into the natural scenery to create a hub of artistic inspiration. Take a trip to the west of the Scottish Highlands and you’ll find yourself in a paradise surrounded by vast mountain ranges, bustling high streets, a lively harbour and beautiful open lochs. The area around Fort Williams is a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone looking to create their next masterpiece.


Yorkshire Dales

The vast rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales have inspired painters for years thanks to the gorgeous views that stretch on for miles. Set off on a trek to the top of a hill, find a perfect spot, get out your canvas and start painting as you look out over the green valleys. The fields and hedges create a patchwork blanket of different colours and textures that are perfect if you’re looking to capture the beauty of the British countryside.

Giants Causeway

Take a trip to Northern Ireland and you’ll find one of the most beautiful works of nature in the world. The Giants Causeway attracts millions of travellers and tourists every year thanks to its naturally occurring honeycomb rockery. The geometric shapes of the rocks make this landmark a perfect place if you’re looking to create a unique piece of art.

New Forest

The open plains of the New Forest are like something out of a western, with long stretching fields full of shrubbery and teeming with wild horses. Not only are the rolling hills and open plains perfect for a landscape painting, the forests and woods are full of natural beauty. From gorgeous wild flowers and plant life to an abundance of animals, the New Forest is a hotspot for artists.

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