September marks a season of change, bridging the gap between summer and winter. Children head back to school after a long time off, we start to notice a chill in the air and, what used to be long, light evenings soon turn darker before you know it. Yes, in September, autumn truly hits us with a bang! Just as the seasons are shifting, your home décor can also be modified in order to reflect our entrance into this new season. Here are our top picks of artwork that feature heart warming colour palettes, making us feel cosy as we head into autumn.

Autumn Ice – Robert Jackson

autumn ice

Created using a wide selection of mixed media, this piece was directly inspired by artist Robert Jackson’s memories of autumn during childhood. Part of a series of other autumnal creations, we love this painting because of the perfectly blended cold grey tones and warm amber shades.

Autumn Birch – Simon Fairless

Autumn Birch


At first glance you may think that this is simply some lines on a canvas, but it is in fact an abstract expression of beautiful birch trees. The distinctive bark of these trees is captured perfectly, instantly transporting us deep into a mysterious forest, with the wind whistling round our ears. The stark white birch tree trunks contract against the soft orange shades in the background, helping them to stand out as the main subject of this painting.

Autumn Glory – Mark Duffin

Autumn Glory

Mark Duffin captures the magic of autumn time in this majestic painting. The initial image is created using acrylic on board, but it is the final addition of gold leaf and sparkling crystals that really make this image pop. The leafless tree, seen as an iconic symbol of this season, is depicted here with a regal glow, making it a truly powerful piece.

Autumn Walk – Teresa Winchester

Autumn Walk

This bold image is a wonderful lino print, and this wonderful medium gives the piece its graphic edges and bright injection of colour. Just like ‘Autumn Glory’, ‘Autumn Walk’ also hints at the mysterious side of this season, painting a picture of what happens after dark. The colour palette in this piece is so vibrant that we almost think the lurking cat is a powerful tiger in the jungle!

Whether you love abstracts, expressionism or more realistic pieces of art, there is a piece here at Art2Arts to suit every taste. Upgrade your rooms with an autumnal touch with a wonderful piece of original art today.



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